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Posted 6 years.


  • Dianne - 6 years ago

    I chose Magyk because it was the first one I read (and re-read, and shared with friends & family) and I needed to read it it read all the others. So, what I'm really trying to say is they are all great but without a begining they wouldn't exist (or would they?)

  • Grace Ye - 6 years ago

    I love all the books, really. I voted for Fyre, but Darke and then Magyk come very close. Fyre is brilliant, like all of them. But it was just amazing that a horrifying scorpion and its 56 knees and 8 legs can make me laugh out loud.

  • Twyla - 6 years ago

    The first book is awesome, because that's where it all began!

  • Ellen Priest - 6 years ago

    I have read the first book and am now reading the second one! It is awesome as well! Can't wait to read all of the others!

  • Christian - 6 years ago

    I vote Darke (top 3 Darke,Magyk and Queste)

  • Hakurin - 6 years ago

    I vote 4 Magyk bcuz there's where all the excitement begin, to guess who actually Septimus Heap n who is he, how his character will be, why he the choosen one and more. Furthermore, i actually in curious + excitement in sep + jen relationship and Magyk had the best sep+jen story than other chapter.

  • Daniel - 6 years ago

    412 total votes lol!

  • Ilovesyren - 6 years ago

    Its got to be siren because of the suspense and the mildly scary parts like when they're in the peep

  • Drimali - 6 years ago

    I agree with Boyer. I choose Magyk (wasn't expecting it to be the first !), but it was it or Darke, or even Fyre...

  • kim laird - 6 years ago

    magyk because it was the first

  • Hiccup - 6 years ago

    I love all the books, but I'd have to do with Darke. The Darke Domanie (sp) was cool. Merrin is one of my favorite villains, he's just so funny. I also loved how Simon helped out and was a good guy. Fyre and Magyk are the next two. I also love in Queste when Merrin summons the things without knowing, and then he sends them back to get his cloak. I feel bad for that kid, I'm glad he is with his mom (or mum for the British people).

  • Jerri Chase - 6 years ago

    Tough choice. Really it is one LONG book. I chose Quest, but it was a tie between that and Magyk and Syren. Love the humor. Love Lucy, and Wolf Boy and Beetle and Septimus. Septimus completing the quest, Marcia and the door and so on. Quest and Syren, come to think of it start just hours appart, so are really one "sub series".

    And of course, it all started with Magyk, without that there would be no series at all.

  • Alison - 6 years ago

    I am reading these books with my middle-school-aged son and we both love all the books. The reason I chose Queste is two-fold. 1. I love the idea of the House of Foryx. I'm a big time-travel fan, and that concept was very interesting to me. 2. All of the characters in the books are great, but I just adore Lucy because of her determined nature and absolute refusal to let anything get in her way, and I was happy to see her take more of a primary role in this book.

    Because of my love of time travel stories, Physik was a very close second!

  • Lyall Areyel - 6 years ago

    Oh gosh, I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA. They are all so awesome.

  • Boyer - 6 years ago

    It's so hard to chose! Particually between Magyk, Darke, and Fyre (definitely my top 3 favorite).

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