Do You Think Tyler The Creator's Commercial Was Racist?

  • Evo_08 - 7 years ago

    Hell no those commercials are not racist. People didn't think they were until someone came and brought their perception that the last commercial (not all 3 just the last one) was racist. It's a fucking goat named Felicia (so let get rid of this it was a black man bullshit) and as for that raping the white waitress get the fuck out of here with that Mudslinger. Tyler came to Pepsi with the idea of the goat and mountain dew not the other way around, but hey the sheepole will continue to believe what ever the masses of sheepole tell them since they are too lazy to research.

  • Derrick - 7 years ago

    Not racist, but just plain bad. And who the hell is Tyler the Creator? I guess I'm just to old to know. LOL #no longer hip

  • Mud slinger - 7 years ago

    Yo. Fuck that lil' nigga! I watched all of the commercials in succession and as a whole, they look racist. It looks like the goat/ Blackman gets drunk off Mountain Dew and beats and rapes a waitress, while black people just watch and laugh. But he's just young and weird. So, I blame Pepsi Co. for releasing the commercial.
    The funny thing is that the commercials are like a metaphor for this entire debacle. A nigga chillin at the restaurant, eatin good. Then some white people damn near force him to take on something that he doesn't want. He's actions harm the people around him, but the crowd just sits and watches. Then they want to incriminate a nigga for giving them what they wanted.
    That lil' nigga is a genius!!!

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