Would you pay for access to people's sexual partner history?

  • Mud Slinger - 8 years ago

    Anybody who votes No is either embarrassed by their history or intimidated by their partner's history. Why would you Not want to know what dingy ass nigga was up in your woman before you commit to going Raw Dawg on her, or it could be that you lack confidence in your own stroke game. Broke & Broken Nuggas love to avoid the past because it allows them to avoid the acknowledgement of bad choices and bad investments.

  • P. Andre Joseph - 8 years ago

    NO! If a woman can make my toes curl, I do not need to know her origin story. Shes will be my Wonder Woman saving me from MWS.

  • Malcolm L. - 8 years ago

    I just envision someone viewing all of the dice that I have rolled... Not a good look. Also, what would be the point unless your were not protecting yourself sexually? Save your money for someone that you can trust that their sexual history is as they say... Like a prostitute.

  • J-Full - 8 years ago

    I operate under a don't ask don't tell policy. All i care about is collateral damage, STDs and kids. I don't need to know how many niggas hit before me. I'm tryna be the best outta all of them...at least in my mind

  • clout2k - 8 years ago


    STD's are bad and not always preventable through using a condom. Getting to know your partner is helpful, but if you think that person is a liar don't hesitate to get a background check. Keep in mind if your partner has gotten a booty bankruptcy then the background check may be inconclusive.

    now you know, and knowing is half the battle - G.I. Joe

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