Given the Assistant State Attorney's ruling on the Richardson case, do you find her ruling on Wilmot racist?


  • Monroe O'Bryant - 11 years ago

    LlRacism is a learned behavior which will never be defeated. Most Caucasians live with the fear of losing what they possess that, never belonged to them from the start! By teaching their offspring hatred and, painting all whom are of color as, negatives, they believe all is right in the eyes of whatever they call their God!! The chickens have come home to roost and, they whom continue this internalized breeding of hatred will be charged with the guilt they openly display by the creator of life. Your reign can only end with you tasting your own filthy ways!!!!!

  • K.B. - 11 years ago

    If she can not deal fairly she should NOT be in office at all. Even highly educated people do dumb things and I don't care if she went to law school or not. Education isn't the basis for excellence or handling life in a fair manner.

  • Karla - 11 years ago

    Leticia Walker I agree with you, except that this cannot be dismissed as ignorance, because as a DA she is highly educated. Therefore, we should call her actions bigotry and it is a knowing and willful action on her part. Maybe this racist DA sees he young woman as a threat and shes worried she could have made her way into politics and this is an attempt to keep minorities down, whatever the reason, it cannot dismiss the overt racism of it all!I am also a parent and I think the principal should have contacted the parents not just the police.

  • leticia walker - 11 years ago

    Is the attorney even a parent her smart dumb ass would know that all science projects must be approved before starting. Second as a parent u am appauled at her really thinks she i lookn for a publicity or she is just racist & ignorant. But if i was that childs Mother i would take the board of education & this attorney to the bank clean their ass dry! The board is not protecting this child knowing that had to approve this project. This attorney needs to disbarred on ignorance alone

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