The Colonel's Fate (Poll Closed)

  • To be the redeemer of one of the remaining Bennet sisters
    18 votes

  • To rescue Anne from her over-bearing mother
    18 votes

  • To give Charlotte the life and love she didn't have with Mr Collins
    43 votes

  • To rediscover a past love
    21 votes

  • To wed an heiress such as Lady Clarissa Mallen or someone rich who has escaped from the continent
    49 votes

  • To fall for a widow, possibly of an officer, and possibly with children
    19 votes

  • To focus on his career and eventually settle for an heiress
    7 votes


Posted 6 years.


  • Maggie Griscom - 6 years ago

    To rediscover a past love. In other books stories I have read he has married Anne, Georgiana, a widow with a child, had an affair with Charlotte, married the Gardiners daughter and even been gay. So an old love would be good for him. Someone who wouldn't wasn't allowed to marry a second son.

  • unknown unknown - 6 years ago

    LOL Sara! I didn't know anyone would suggest Charlotte for the Colonel! As they did, it had to become one of the options! The Epilogue is already written other than the Colonel's story (eg I have also, amongst others, already written Anne's fate). However, I have handed this to you all as readers and you will determine the outcome that I will use. :D

  • sara Khazai - 6 years ago

    Dear Cassandra
    If you've already determined the fate of Charlotte, why are we voting for her here?!

  • TessQ - 6 years ago

    I voted (though I suspect my choice will not prevail.) I rather like the idea (and the future plot possibilities) of reconnecting with an old love he thought was lost to him. Either way, looking forward to it when it is ready for release!

  • Carol Hoyt - 6 years ago

    So many good choices. Tough one for sure

  • Karen Bellinger - 6 years ago

    Can't wait to read this book.

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