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  • Lone Wolf - 6 years ago

    What an interesting post. I had never thought about that aspect of city living. I go between wanting a cabin in the woods to living in a cloud level loft in NYC. I hate crowds, will NOT wait for a table in a restaurant and want a hood mounted rocket launcher for the 20 minute expressway commute to and from work. My grandchildren were relocated (parental job change) to a very small community setup in a rural setting. They have no friends within walking distance and now that they are both teens, they find nothing to do close to home. I have watched their creativity diminish by the year. My granddaughter did not last a full semester at college and has returned home to work a part time job at a mall which is a 45 minute drive away. The friends in her circle from high school who also went away to school have all returned home as well. They lasted about the same length of time, could not take it and gave up and quit. I always joked with my daughter that she needed to get those kids away from the river and closer to civilization, but having read this post, I am concerned that I was right. Just compare the energy level you see at a high school dance in a farm community vs. that seen in an urban school. Wow. That is disturbing.

  • MikeD - 6 years ago

    A walk in the woods, altered mind.

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