Which recent cancellation stung the most?

  • Whitney

  • Vegas

  • Up All Night

  • Touch

  • Southland

  • Smash

  • Rules of Engagement

  • Red Widow

  • The New Normal

  • Monday Mornings

  • Malibu Country

  • How to Live With Your Parents

  • Happy Endings

  • Guys With Kids

  • Go On

  • Golden Boy

  • Family Tools

  • Deception

  • CSI: NY

  • Burn Notice

  • Body of Proof

  • 1600 Penn

Poll posted 6 years ago.

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  • Cynthia Smith - 6 years ago

    Although I will miss shows like Touch because we need more feel good shows that give us hope that we can and will continue to save one another. I leave it to the writers to write and myself as a viewer to enjoy what they come up with.

    I also loved deception. I wish it could have stayed on long enough to catch the killer!!!!

    The New Normal was also a GREAT show! I'm all for love is love!!

  • Cynthia Smith - 6 years ago

    Although I will miss shows like Touch because we need more feel good shows that give us hope that we can and will continue to save one another. I leave it to the writers to write and myself as a viewer to enjoy what they come up with.

    I also loved deception. I wish it could have stayed on long enough to catch the killer!!!!

    The New Normal was also a GREAT show! I'm all for love is love!!

  • Anne - 6 years ago

    I loved Family Tools. I knew it would be canceled just because I liked it. Ben and Kate, Apt 23 too. I don't even want to watch anything anymore because they don't give it enough of a chance to catch on. ABC sucks because of this. Guess they'll cancel The Neighbors next too. Their Wednesday night lineup was the best. Now if they'd take Modern Family off and leave Suburgatory, The Middle, The Neighbors and Family Tools, I'd be tickled pink!!

  • Jacks00 - 6 years ago

    I loved Monday Mornings!! The concept was so different!! So sad that it was cancelled.

  • Pissed off - 6 years ago

    I think the guys that decided to cancel smash should be fired, because they don't know what the hell they're doing. That was a great show, I waited all week just to see it

  • NiSi - 6 years ago

    Guaranteed the show will be cancelled if it's a show I like. Who makes these decisions? How? And, why?

  • Charlie Saul - 6 years ago

    Golden Boy is the best new cop show to come along in a long time. I hated that CBS gave it the axe. I also like Burn Notice from another channel. Where do the tv execs get their info from?

  • Charlies Saul - 6 years ago

    Golden Boy is the best new cop show to come along in a long time. I hated that CBS gave it the axe. I also like Burn Notice from another channel. Where do the tv execs get their info from?

  • teresita - 6 years ago

    I was very disappointed with the cancellation of Touch, I love the original format of the show of changing peoples life with Jake's guidance. of having a diffident show every week.it was new and refreshing feel good show, The last thing we need is another reality show .we have enough of those stupid show . if you can bring Touch back.

  • Kathy Reedy - 6 years ago

    I loved Smash! It had great music and such talented singers. Can't believe they would cancel a unique show like this. I looked forward to it all week. Someone needs to reconsider this awful decision!!!

  • Rebecca - 6 years ago

    Smash?? Are you kidding me? it was on for like a minute. Southland didn't deserve to be cancelled, I can't believe Smash is leading this poll.

  • jen - 6 years ago

    Smash is THE ONLY SHOW I watch in real time! Looked forward to it all week! So bummed that it got cancelled! Please! Someone else pick it up for us! the actores, the singing, the songs...all fantastic! Argh! his always happens to my favorite shows!!!!!

  • Lenore - 6 years ago

    I had 3 favorite shows Smash, Body of Proof and Happy Endings and all got cancelled!!!! I can't believe that intelligent entertaining shows like this get cancelled but shows like Hannibal which are gruesome, stay on. I was the most shocked by SMASH because the concept of the show, the songs and actors were superb. It would have been renewed if the writers didn't go in the direction they did and have this Jimmy character and the whole script was wrong. I didn't enjoy watching Tom and Julia break up. Karen should have hooked up with Derek. The scandal, the 2 shows--the script was horrible and I was waiting for it to get better. I was so happy when it looked like Derek and Karen would finally get together, but they had to make Derek look bad, have Ivy get pregnant with his baby and try to make Jimmy a good guy. I'm sick to my stomach with the script. SMASH would have been renewed if the script was not so ridiculous!!! I also thought that Happy Endings was extremely clever, and the characters were different and hilarious---again, a great original show gone. Body of Proof was one of the best shows about forensics and medical examining--I love Dana Delaney and admired the character she played strength. It made me realize so many things about forensic medicine that I didn't know about--and although there are others shows similar to this like CSI, Bones, etc. I thought that this was less graphic and easier for me to watch than those other shows. I wish they could bring back these shows like they did with Fringe and some other shows that were cancelled.

  • Tina - 6 years ago

    My sister got me hooked on smash this year. I streamed season 1 via amazon.com. I LOVE the show! I DVR it ever week or watch it on the NBC website. I looked forward to it every week. I am sooooo upset that NBC decided to cancel it....do all these polls mean anything? Smash was at the top end of the votes but still got canceled! Please review the polls and let it go on! I am a former New Yorker and this helped me relive the Broadway shows I remember from my earlier life. There are very few shows I watch and this was at the top of my list. We have enough Reality shows and crime dramas.

  • Pamela - 6 years ago

    Malibu Country never got a chance to catch on. I Loooooooved Lily Tomlin in this show. I am going to miss this show.

  • Brenda N. - 6 years ago

    Smash is the ONLY tv show I never missed. The only one that made me stop everything, ignore interruptions, and focus on one of the best shows to hit tv in a very long time. Cancelling? BIG mistake. PLEASE PLEASE some network somewhere pick this up. I will find it hard to face a new season without it. :(

  • Joanne Stermer - 6 years ago

    Smash is a great show it shows all parts of what goes into making and being in a show. It is the one of the only shows on tv with a great story line and the cast in outstanding. Reality tv is so boring wish we could have more shows like this one. PLEASE someone pick on SMASH.

  • Debbie Schmidt - 6 years ago

    I'm so sorry to see Smash was cancelled, even after the valiant effort by the Don't Cancel SMASH FB group. We tried everything in our power between liking, sharing, posting, commenting, voting and in general spreading the word. I sincerely hope that another network picks up this show. Reality shows are taking over and it just sucks. Between reality shows, cooking, picking and auctioning etc. there just are too many good, intelligent, educational, entertaining shows disappearing. I don't think it says much for today's society of people. I am also sad to see CSI NY and Rules of Engagement go. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate those of us who tried to safe SMASH. Still going to keep my fingers crossed that someone else picks up this awesome show. What REALLY hurts when a show is cancelled is when the final episode of the season is a cliffhanger and there's just no closure. I think the networks need to choose a better date to decide on whether or not a show is going to be cancelled so that they can at least film an episode to "close" the show and answer all the unanswered questions instead of leaving people to speculate what could have been.

  • Linda Kieffer - 6 years ago

    SMASH is an absolutley brilliant show. There aren't enough words to express my love for this show. I only hope that another network is intuitive enough to consider adding this awesome show to it's line-up. They would already have an extremely strong following. I also think that SMASH fans everywhere should seriously consider boycotting NBC for making this HUGE mistake! Let's all show NBC what we don't think of them!!!

  • Linda Kieffer - 6 years ago

    SMASH is an absolutley brilliant show. There aren't enough words to express my love for this show. I only hope that another network is intuitive enough to consider adding this awesome show to it's line-up. They would already have as extremely strong following. I also think that SMASH fans everywhere should seriously consider boycotting NBC for making this HUGE mistake! Let's all show NBC what we don't think of them!!!

  • Shannon hansen - 6 years ago

    Bummed that Smash was cancelled. Loved the cast, storyline, music, and dancing.

  • Debi Zamora - 6 years ago

    Big mistake, a big mistake in cancelling Smash....why must all of the good TV shows go off the air and be replaced by violent ones, that display either shooting, kidnapping, murder, enough our society needs to laugh, feel emotions in a positive way not negative. Isn't there enough crime in our universe already? Why take a wonderful show with the most awesome actors and actress away, I would love to hear their reasoning on this one. As a counselor I see, hear and witness enough grief in this world, why can't a program showing the positive angle of life, one trying to make a go at a wonderful/fulfilling career, how a Broadway show is created the trials and tribulations they must encounter and how individuals faced those hardships turning it around to create something beautiful, go off the air allowing more crime shows. Really?? Is this what our world had turned into creating monsters instead of beauty. Watching smash was a highlight of my week, I could watch it, and it could make the day's troubles and worries disappear. NBC did a very poor job of marketing this show, there were many many ways to do so and they failed, basically they didn't try. I would have loved to market this program the ideas, the possibilities are unlimited, but apparently are very limited to NBC. I have watch wonderful, fun filled, happy, shows go off of the air one by one during the last ten years, only to be replaced by crime shows. Stop with the ugliness, stop showing the sick how to become sicker, don't be the enabler for those sick minds. I hope HBO or showtime have the courage and the forethought to take over SMASH and run with it and prosper. NBC needs new leadership and a new direction, get it together NBC and quite contributing to our society's problems with more crime and violence. It was interesting how each of the actors/actress incorporated the audience into their lives, each in from a different perspective. I commend the writers in giving a great performance as well, I haven't been so involved with a show since LA Law. I wish all the the performers much luck and success in their future endeavors, they were great in SMASH, worked very well together...hope to see you all soon in another show or perhaps in this one but being broadcasted by HBO or SHOWTIME, the real channels to watch.

  • Lyne Filion - 6 years ago

    I am so sad that Smash got cancelled ! It was a terrific show, but unfortunately, I believe it did not get its fair chance to shine on TV. What I don't get is why NBC decided to wait almost 1 year to show season 2. Maybe that's why people did not join, especially since it moved from Monday's to Tuesday's, and then Saturday's... oh well..

  • Cindi - 6 years ago

    Sick over the cancellation of Smash. I'm to the point now where I feel like I don't want to watch anything new because almost everything I like gets cancelled. I sure hope that either NBC reconsiders or another network picks it up. Great show, wonderful cast. NBC, you blew it! Now all I have left on NBC is Grimm and they'll probably dump it too.

  • Telma Jane de Cillo - 6 years ago

    I am Brazilian, and was very saddened by the cancellation of Smash, I do not have many opportunities to go to theaters and watch musical love music and musicals, Smash was a chance to see a beautiful music at home on TV. Love the story, love the actors, love the characters, get emotional in every episode, is a
    sorry that I will not have more this series to thrill me and dream, I think it made ​​a big mistake, my only consolation is that I recorded every episode of Smash and I will review and revise whenever miss.

  • Beth Jackson - 6 years ago

    I am so disappointed that NBC cancelled SMASH. They never really gave it a chance. The first season went well, so we got another season BUT it was sporadic, up (hidden almost as a throw away) against other shows and then shuffled off to Saturday night?!?! It was the one show that I was sure to record each week because I couldn't wait to watch it ON DEMAND. Someone is not thinking when they cancel a show like this that is intelligent and engaging and they keep some of the other non-sensical shows. Is that what they think of us the viewers? Similar issues with the Today show....they must not think we are smart enough for the show.

  • Kristie - 6 years ago

    NBC had a winner in SMASH. It really is a shame they cancelled it before they gave it a real chance. Maybe another network will pick it up and give it the love it deserves. Apparently Smash doesn't belong at NBC, they aren't worthy enough for such a brilliant, refreshing show that has the potential of creating new Broadway shows from it.

  • H. T. - 6 years ago

    SMASH was the one TV show I looked forward to each week. It gave me joy and I loved it. Taking that away is a pretty hard loss considering joy is not a thing you see created often enough. Devastated. There are so many ways to generate money from this show with road tours or even a Broadway show itself. The marketing possibilities are endless. Seems to me that there might be some influences at the network who may not wish the best for that network. Smash would have easily recouped over time!

  • Charlene Stone - 6 years ago

    Smash is my favorite. A Broadway show in my living room each week with fabulous talent and songs. Please let this show survive.

  • Alicia M - 6 years ago

    Don't let SMASH get away.... IT was the ONLY show I actually watched weekly (besides AI, Voice).. SUCH A UNIQUE, one of a kind series that showcased amazing talent weekly... If NBC doesn't want it, how about USA? TNT? MANY MANY Smash lovers out here who are devastated!! PLEASE do something to get it out there and stay out there....

  • Liz - 6 years ago

    The New Normal was my favorite show :(

  • Ed - 6 years ago

    I voted Smash, but I forgot the name of Matthew Perry's show was Go On. I got onto the show late, but became an avid viewer once I watched it. One of the best comedy ensembles on TV. RIP Mr. K!

  • Sachiyo - 6 years ago

    I can't believe they had to cancel TOUCH!!!
    It was getting better and better!
    So was SMASH. I think Season 2 of SMASH was a lot better than the first season.
    I wanted to hear more of Jimmy's songs!!!

  • Kay - 6 years ago

    Smash was a lot of fun. The songs were great.

  • Sherree Lockyer - 6 years ago

    ABSOLUTELY SICK about Smash cancellation. - one of the most intelligent and entertaining shows on TV and one of my favourite shows of all time and I've been watching television since it was invented. (I also enoyed Golden Boy, Body of Proof, Touch and The New Normal). I also PVR most of my shows to avoid commercials so not sure how this kind of viewing gets included in any numbers. I think I will try to find a good BOOK series as I'm getting a little gunshy thinking about investing my valuable time and energy into new shows that get prematurely ripped away when an ever-growing plethora of inane reality shows like The Kardashians, Preachers' Daughters and Honey Boo Boo get renewed.

  • Ron DeArmond - 6 years ago

    SMASH was the program i could hardly wait to see each week. Such a shame to lose this wonderful show.
    Nothing like it ever on TV. Please bring it back.

  • Steve pellini - 6 years ago

    CSI:NY and Vegas are the biggest losses here. Broadcast TV is catering to reality TV and to the younger viewer and avoiding class dramas. CSI: Miami was a big loss last year, losing it for Made in Jersey, which was a vehicle for a CBS exec's girlfriend. Next year we will probably lose The Mentalist and Law and Order SVU and Blue Bloods. Once a show has enough episodes for syndication, there's no need to produce them. It's a factory!

  • Annie Annis - 6 years ago

    Our family actually watched four of the shows canceled: Smash, Go On, The New Normal and Malibu Country. All were extremely refreshing programs with smart writing and stellar acting. But the one we will miss the most is Smash. I am extremely disappointed in NBC for not sticking by this show.

  • Dlf - 6 years ago

    Vegas and CSI NY cancelled? The execs had better get their heads out of their posteriors. Oh sorry that is how they were born

  • Jon Bradley - 6 years ago

    Smash was one of the very top shows on our viewing short list. Absolutely one of the very best! Who knows? Maybe enough of us clamoring loudly enough will bring NBC to see the light.

  • Donna - 6 years ago

    Love Smash!!

  • Karyn - 6 years ago

    Smash is quality TV , NBC did not give it a chance and switching it to Sat. ?? All the other networks should think about picking up the show and show NBC just how wrong they were. It was the one show that could pull me away from CBS.

  • Lisa - 6 years ago

    I will miss The New Normal. Terrific characters and a heart-warming story. I would have missed Body of Proof if it was last year's version; I did not really enjoy the reboot.

  • Beverley Cole - 6 years ago

    Smash is a quality show with excellent production values across the board. Our culture needs a diversity of shows - especially for the younger generation and this was a superb way to show music in a form beyond a video clip. So good in so many ways. What on earth were they thinking. If it had been advertised and showcased- the ratings sky would have been to infinity and beyond.

  • Mary Morelli - 6 years ago

    It's terrible that Smash, the only show of its kind, was cancelled. Who are the clueless people who make these decisions?

  • mitzie rogers - 6 years ago

    I watched a lot of these shows. I had stopped watching T.V. after a lot of my shows had got cancelled before. Now it's happed again. I watched Smash, Body of Proof, Deception, Go On, Vegas, The New Normal, Whitney and Up all night. Why do you do this. I don't know how you even know how many people watch what? Do you take it to consideration DVR's? I very rarely watch a show when it's on. I hate commercials ! I know for a fact that most of my friends are the same way. I really hope you give some of these shows a second chance. If you want maybe another network can. This sucks! I have just lost 8 shows I really liked. I am not sure I even want to get invested in something new. You guys suck!

  • Ernie Koneck - 6 years ago

    Smash is a one-of-a-kind show and I applaud NBC for airing it in the first place. But I thing they really fumbled the ball when they realized they had some special on their hands, and not just another run-of-the-mill sitcom or police procedural. It's a show that requires nurturing and extensive promotion, not getting moved to Saturday night - when do you think theater fans go to the theater?? Maybe a cable network will pick it up; it might be the best home for it. HBO? Showtime? AMC? It has the quality, the unique artistic vision they look for and a remarkably talented cast. Also will miss the oh-so-quirky Happy Endings - incredibly talented cast and first-rate writing. Now this is a show (like Smash) that deserves some Emmy love. Think about it NBC - push these shows hard for the Emmys and their resale value to another network skyrockets.

  • Claudia lewis - 6 years ago

    Don't believe Smash was given a fair chance. They bounced the night from Mon to Tues then Sat. Last year was awesome. This year was a bit slow in the beginning but by the time the "new" writers got the storyline back to where it belonged it had already been moved to sat. There isn't anything else like it on network television. I for one don't care for reality shows, dateline is dated, and there are too many crime shows. In my humble opinion the Voice and Smash were the only shows worth watching on NBC. Poor decision to cancel it.

  • Ann Boukater - 6 years ago

    Onces again a show with substance bites the dust. I enjoyed SMASH along with my friends for two seasons, but as soon an an intelligent drama comes along it is cut for the no brainer reality show. It goes to show you what the menality of this country is comming to. Who makes these decisions anyway? My TV watching time has become less and less and my reading time has increased. Maybe that is not a bad thing!

  • Pat Caz - 6 years ago

    Smash was a smart show that appealed to several different types of viewers. Life was cut short by bad second season program placement (too long a gap between seasons) which was then exacerbated by lack of promotion. It did not deserve to die.

  • Renee & Jeremy - 6 years ago

    In our household the following are the program cancellations that stunned us the most:
    (Unfortunately we just can't pick one)

    Smash Monday Mornings
    Body of Proof Go On

  • Brian Leonard - 6 years ago

    Monday Mornings was another excellent David E. Kelley show that didn't get a fair shot. I actually learned something useful from it when a friend had a mini-stroke. We hardly knew ye...

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