Do you agree with the BAC standard being lowered?

  • Vicki - 7 years ago

    I appreciate the police and the great job they do on a daily basis, however, I drive the freeway everyday, and there are many drivers treating the freeway like its Nascar- too many accidents and poor driving habits. And most of them are not young drivers I have seen Mom's in mini vans with kids going over 80MPH, is this not child endangerment - SUV and Pickup trucks that think they own the road, complete disregard for safety distance- what is the real reason that these people and the people that drink too much are not stopped before something bad happens, maybe people that are going 5MPH over the speed limit and have 1 dcrink are stopped and takes away the police from stopping the truly bad drivers. There has to be an answer, just not sure what it is. Lowering the blood alcohol lever does not seem to me stops the same bad driving habits I see on a daily basis.

  • gloria damron - 7 years ago

    So when it goes in front of a judge anyways they get a slap on the wrist... 10 dui and was still driving np license yes so its not going to stop them .. Why not outlaw alcohol it kills more people then pot does by a very very large margin ...biggggggggggggggg margin.... so why not outlaw it ....

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