Who should win 'American Idol'?

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  • nane - 7 years ago

    vote for Kree...she's good and had a good voice..

  • gab4rdine - 7 years ago

    Kree should win coz she has a good voice but candice has a big voice but kree is much better than her...

  • Ken - 7 years ago

    Candice is the winner in my book. Has away given a stellar performance!

  • Darde - 7 years ago

    Both are great singers and both deserve to win. Like some others have said, Angie was the whole package and I LOVED Janelle Arthur not just because of her voice but because she was sweet and genuine.
    I felt the judges were often unfair to her. I liked it when the finalists were given the same song because it was easier to judge who did better. I think Candace was given a better song last night and it wasn't fair that Kree was given a "sleepy" song in the first round. My vote is for Kree...I hope she wins tonight!!

  • Anke - 7 years ago

    Come on people....for once let the right person win! Candice is soo much better. She has an incredible voice and it would be nice if someone else rather than another country singer would be the winner! I vote for CANDICE.

  • ursula harris - 7 years ago

    i want kree to win because i dont really care for candice and Angie Went home and i wanted her to win i also wanted Amber to win to but sadly she went home so now i have to choose the next best person in line Kree Harrison hope she wins

  • Sue Fagg - 7 years ago

    you know what , the judges have bragged on Candace every since day one , we all know who 's goign to win it's not what we vote ,I've heard many people say it's what the judges says not our votes , Angie is a much better singer then candace or kree , that's the reason you all got Angie off there because she could have beat Candace , we feel candace just screams out here songs a lot of people here have been saying that , I thought it was Amercian Idol was she born Amercian hum , I and we heard lots of floks say we are not ever going to watch this show anymore , so if you all don't come back then we don't care it's like yo,yo we don't care anymore . so we feel you all got who you wanted all along we aren't the only ones I'm sure that feel this same way we hope Junnelle aurthur will make it big she was just herself , very sweet , and American , she was our favorite , have it your way . we all know it's Candace , I'm glad she will be off there tired of her screaming out the songs . and by the way she don't look like an Idol but Angie did for sure , we aren't even going to watch this mess tonight going out to eat . hope you judges are happy sure you are especially one in all you . . it's wrong choose . we all and you to know that kree can't beat her but I believe Angie could have and so do you Guys . bad choose

  • Alice - 7 years ago

    Hopefully Candice will win,Kree was ok but will love to see Candice win big time!

  • Hilda - 7 years ago

    Both Kree and Candice are great.But you know what,this is a competition and there must be a winner.I give Candice the win.There is that thing in her voice that we can't deny.

  • Chanel - 7 years ago

    I LOVE Candace! Her vocals are out of this world! And I also LOVE Kree, But Candace blew it away and really deserves to win BIG TIME if its about the VOICE.

  • Ethel Andrews - 7 years ago

    Jane has a tin ear.

  • Jane Eccleston - 7 years ago

    Candice is great but het songs seem to sound the same. I am sure she will go far in her singing career but Kree has the much better singing voice. She is pop country and I find that to be more popular in america. Hope Kree wins

  • Chardae - 7 years ago

    Candace honey do what you can to do. It is your second time and your in it to win it. God Bless You and continue on with your journey.

  • Kathi - 7 years ago

    KREE is awesome I hope that people see that she has the superstar quality that is American Idol quality! I pray God and American blesses her with this win, I know her Parents are so very Proud! She is the winner in my book!!!!!! Love you and I will be sure to follow her and buy every album!!!!!! God Bless! Your #1 FAN

  • Jae - 7 years ago

    Candace performance was 100% perfect everytime !!!! Kree was ok she did better tonite than the entire time she has been on. However Candace blows us away every single performance no filter or back up needed!

  • Renee - 7 years ago

    Haven't watched American Idol all that much but I've heard the both of them sing and wow Candice Glover she's amazing. Hope she wins.

  • Trudy - 7 years ago

    If Candice wins then i will not watch again. As her still is the same with every song and I find it boring. Kree on the other hand show a variety in her singing and I enjoy it totally.

  • carl - 7 years ago

    Candace for ever you can't mess with perfection

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