What Do You Think About Christian Reality TV Shows?


  • Yvonne - 10 years ago

    Initially, I felt the reality shows featuring christian would be good way for all to see how religion plays a part in music industry. I was sorely mistaken. Watching Mary Mary, Preacher's Wives or even Preacher's Daughter was very disturbing. I didn't see where God plays any roles in the lives of these actors/actresses. I see where they encounter strife, but didn't show how with prayer changes things. I really don't see where christian tv differs from regular shows.

  • Carolyn - 10 years ago

    It allows people to see that celebrities are people first. However, for someone that is not strong in their walk with Christ can easily be turned off from Christianity because they think all Christians are sin free and we are not. It also let's us see that some people hide under the umbrella of Christianity but are not really saved judging from their actions on these shows, or is it just for the money they are generating? Personally from what I have seen thus far they are making a huge mistake- everybody does not need to know just how crazy and dis-functional you really are.

  • Mrs. E. Peoples - 10 years ago

    I just feel that everyone should know that there is only a portion of reality in reality T.V. Producers are paid to produce and directors are paid to direct theses shows. With that being said how much room do you think that leaves for reality. These shows may portray real life situations but they are still edited ,directed ,and produced. There is nothing about God that is not real he is very much real. For Christians to deceive in any form or fashion to me is not o.k. Deception is just the visible part of a lie, and lying to people for money is just not o.k. in my book.

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