Chromium Vs Firefox: Which Should Be Default in Ubuntu 13.10


  • Mark - 10 years ago

    I tried Chrome from Google several times on both Windows XP and 7, it was never as good as IE so I always ended up dumping it. It may mature eventually but there are 20 million folks who are happy with Firefox and it works better than any IE I have ever used.
    So unless there is some drastic improvement with Chrome to come I will stay with Firefox!

    I will continue to search using Google but I don't trust Google and they are in bed with the government spy gangs big time!


  • caner kaygısız - 11 years ago

    y u guys vote firefox i really dont understand

  • Babajide Odueko - 11 years ago

    This is basically a question of which do you prefer - Security{firefox} or Stability{chromium}? It is not an easy decision but for an end user i would suggest that they get something more stable and install security if needed.

  • Steven - 11 years ago

    Remember... Google seems to be on the side of the NSA in their spying activities. I'll stick with Firefox.

  • Ryan - 11 years ago

    Chrome makes more sense for average people, I think. But I still prefer Iceweasel myself.

  • HugoNex - 11 years ago

    Free software means too, that you have the power to decide when and who see and take your information... That's why i don't trust in Google... Firefox give you this fredom.

  • Artegor - 11 years ago

    I don't like Chrome(ium); it takes too much memories and firefox is easier to use for me. I've been using Firefox for a while (since Firefox 3) so i love firefox. If Chromium become the default browser, just after installing Ubuntu, i'll purge Chromium and install firefox

  • Jim - 11 years ago

    Firefox. I can't watch my Amazon videos using Chromium because it uses pepper based flash that doesn't support DRM. My work uses Microsoft's Outlook Web App and I can't access the full features using Chromium. I see NO advantage in my uses to switch, but if Ubuntu does decide to use Chromium, I'm purging and installing Firefox anyway.

  • Mike Deaton - 11 years ago

    Firefox is good for me. I do not truest anything Google puts out. They want to know anything and everything about you and I do not appreciate that. Google has a great search engine but I would never use it directly.

  • Ihsan Jaafar - 11 years ago

    Almost the first thing I do after installing Ubuntu on any machine is installing chrome. Nearly everyone I knew is using chrome. so a move in making chromium the default browser in Ubuntu will make it sound modern. Modern enough to capture audience from new user. I would say aye to this change.

  • Kay - 11 years ago

    I do not trust Google.

    When Chrome is default browser i will switch from Ubuntu to another Linux distro.

  • Saquib Ahmed - 11 years ago

    My machine says Chromium. My conscience says Firefox.

  • Kreaninw - 11 years ago

    This should be happen since long ago! Firefox and its greedy foundation didn't care about Linux at all. They made HWA available on EVERY platforms EXCEPT Linux!!! It's very slow compared to Chrome, at least on every of my Linux PCs.

    This is while Chrome brought latest Flash, HWA, NaCl games, and many other things to Linux for ages. Not exclusive for Windows like Firefox. WTH do you think you are open source foundation? Look at CSS Animation in your browser on Linux. Your browser is the worse, bad support for open standard technology, and especially on open source platform!!!

    It's time to change. OK what about Thunderbird for Linux again? I heard you are going to abandon it, aren't you? We knew you're greedy. Stop wearing your open theme. HWA was supported on Windows since Firefox 4.0, and now it's Firefox 21, there's no way to enable HWA on Linux yet. shame on you.

  • Ali Najafi - 11 years ago

    Firefox performance (i.e. RAM usage + size on the disk) is much less than Chromium. Plus Firefox matches Ubuntu much better, for example in title bar, appmenu and HUD. Customization of Firefox using millions of add-ons, about:config, Developer Toolbar and so on, is great. Built-in PDF viewer is another advantage. Firefox is the soul of open web. I think it should stay as default browser.

  • Michael - 11 years ago


  • pst007x - 11 years ago

    Whilst this is important what the default apps are, equally it doesn't really matter. Most apps integrate nicely into Ubuntu, and changing defaults is easy. Any existing user will simply continue to use their own preferences, whilst new users will initially accept what's on offer, then eventually find the app they enjoy. In the end the differences between the two are marginal, and experiences as well as preference vary greatly. The beauty of it, if you don't like it change it. Why not just give the user the choice to choose a browser when first running the system? Solves all problems...

  • fuckgoogle - 11 years ago

    Firefox for sure ! i dont want spyware filled chromium !

  • Finn - 11 years ago

    Chrome is a very fast and reliable browser (unlike Firefox)!
    It should become the new standard, it's one of the first things i install on my Computer.

  • Jahangir Alam - 11 years ago

    I'd like to say that, it will be foolish decision to make Chromium as a default browser. Firefox it great, coool & fastest! Don't change it...
    Chononical should not do that. It will make much desatisfaction from ubuntu user.

  • Jayakumar - 11 years ago

    we need Firefox

  • C. - 11 years ago

    Firefox is dedicated to the philosophy of open-source software and the ideals behind it. Google is not. I fail to see the two as compatible, especially when Firefox is the most popular browser in some countries and the second or third most popular (depending on the source of the estimates) in the United States. If Ubuntu is so anxious to use the most popular browser, however, then they should simply switch to Internet Explorer and disable to download of any other browsers.

  • alex - 11 years ago

    preinstalled browser is needed mostly in liveUSB scenarios.
    when installing on private or OEM build you can change browsers pretty easy.
    firefox represents the free software, much like linux does.
    chrome is more like a corporate fishing hook to collect users data.
    also chrome looks ugly and uses much more RAM wich will be a problem for users with 2GB or less.

  • Michael Sproul - 11 years ago

    Firefox has soul, man!

    Plus it's the birthplace of adblock plus - who knows what Google might do if they get jealous again (see: android/adblock)

  • theQxQ - 11 years ago

    personally I prefer chromium, and I use it all the time, but that doesn't mean I think it should be default. even though chromium is open source, I feel like Firefox is more so, and having Firefox as default just seems like what an open source os should do.

  • Anon - 11 years ago

    I think they should adopt the policy of going with whichever open source browser has the largest user base, as that would be the one that most users would use, i.e. Chrome (Not chromium)

  • Eff - 11 years ago

    Although I use Chrome on Ubuntu I still think Firefox should be the default! They're (roughly) the same philosophically and contribute so much to the whole open source experience.

    ...Granted Google do contribute to Ubuntu with interesting things from their Goobuntu project

  • mike hingston - 11 years ago

    I dont trust google. they want to rule the world. Firefox is independent but a much smaller company.

  • John Lawler - 11 years ago

    Chromium is a much faster option. Ever since being introduced to chrome and chromium I have been in love. That was the start of my love affair with Google. Now every device I own has chrome. My Ubuntu, my windows, my android, my girlfriend. I have forced chrome onto all of them. It's fast and reliable.

  • Francisco - 11 years ago

    I'm surprised that Chromium is even used in the Linux community. If Linux is caracteristic for two things, they are, Sharing and Security. With chromium they cannot combine and you should beware with whom you share your laptop, since it doesn't support (nor will ) a Master Password; This means anyone with temporary access to your session can see ALL your saved passwords in under 10 sec.

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