What was the most shocking moment of "Graduation"

  • Haydn - 8 years ago

    Omg!i loved all of it but am so happy for delena yayyyyyy!!! And the stefan and silas doppalganger thing had me on the edge of my seat you rock tvd!

  • Katharina - 8 years ago

    OMG that was such an epic final!!!! i cried almost the whole time, cause of bonny and yeah cause it is the end for 5 months!!!!! I LOVE TVD so much!!!!
    delena was a reallygreat choice an i hope klaus gets caroline! this whole stefan doppelganger stuff is a little bit crazs, isn't it?
    that katherine is now human could be really interesting i think!!! i love katherine, but i hope she stays sexy, naughty, bitchy! ;)


  • Emily - 8 years ago

    I think delena is so much better than stefana, and really damon deserves elena. And im so happy about damon.

  • Tessa22 - 8 years ago

    I liked the last episode of season 4. Didn't care who Elena ended up because people care too much about who ends up with who then anything else. My favorite part in the finale was when Klaus showed up WHAT AN ENTRENCE.

  • Talia - 8 years ago

    I think stefan and elena are wayy better than damon and elena basically because, stefena had so much love together and it was exciting... i still think that damon shoould find love with someone like him, damon and elena are just tooooooo different :) Stefena alllll the way;)

  • 08 - 8 years ago

    True enough, "Stefena" was boring. They never got a grip of vivacity during their relationship while Damon, on the other hand, showed Elena how exactly to live a life. He gave her, as he says it, a love that consumes her. Which is waaaaaaaaay better than the love that Stefan was giving Elena. And I also believe that Damon already made a lot of sacrifices for Elena and he even changed for her, it's time that he receives his own happiness too. :)

  • 25 - 8 years ago

    Come on Stefan was too boring and honestly if the producers took so much time to set up this whole Delena thing they have to take it somewhere. And Damon should "get the girl" for once :) they r way happier together than the brooding stefena.

  • abby - 8 years ago

    ohh plzz..i didn't get dat..i mean ,,whatever is between damon n elene is nt at oll true..stefan did soo much 4he r as well as 4 damon..bt what d hell did he get in return,,,dis series starts wid stefena...dat was d epic love..we jus want stefena backkk

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