Do YOU think Rob and Kristen have broken up for good or will they get back together?

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  • Cool cat - 6 years ago

    I reckon that they should have been nicer to each other and respected each other more. Because if they were nicer to each other, there would have been more chance of their relationship working out. I'm a huge twilight fan and I do wish that their relationship would work out but the only way it can workout is if their willing to work their problem out.

  • love robert p - 7 years ago

    Hey robsten, you are so right people dont know what to talk about, i love twilight too, i even went to see them in the red carpet, they look so cute together so i really wish they get back together

  • robsten - 7 years ago

    Omg I read all this comment, seriously some people just dont know what to talk about. I really love them both so i wish u guys do what ever yours heart whats, i love twilight i am a total fan, so i wish the best for both

  • Sunshine - 7 years ago

    Rob is losing his fan base, only, because he is definitely not a good actor! Plus, everyone keeps seeing how rotten he keeps treating Kristen! He supposedly loved her and FORGAVE her for her "kissing" stupid move, but then he just treated her bad and took her for granted! That was not forgiveness, that was just getting even treatment! What else did he want from her? He wanted "perfection" while he's out boozing with whoever he felt like (male or female)! GOOD LUCK finding this perfection you expect, you will not find it RPatz! You definitely found another person to never watch one of your movies again! He has been nothing but cruel, unkind, unloving, drunk! Sorry but he not very good looking in everyone's eyes! What he and Katy Perry did in N.Y.C. was disgusting. He truly has let his fame go to his head. Does everyone forget who actually insisted on giving him his break? Ungrateful and cruel! If he said he forgave her, he should have ACTUALLY done that! Not string Kristen along, how sad, I truly wish he would treat her as a kind, loving man should!!!

  • Sone - 7 years ago

    I want that they be together . I live by them. I don't imagine Kris without Rob and Rob without Kris . They births for each other. I love their much.

  • Libby - 7 years ago

    They make the best couple ever! They HAVE to get back together. Kristen loves him and he loves her so cant they make it work?

  • Hilda - 7 years ago

    My birthday is also on May 13. I understand a lot about the Taurean nature. We are VERY loyal and consider the intimate nature of a relationship as sacred...not to be shared with anyone else. I have experienced this exact betrayal. I tried to get past it but never could. I kept seeing him with the other person and what was really the death knell was the loss of respect for the man I loved as well as trusted. Love cannot flourish without those two important ingredients. He tried, like I did, but after that kind of hurt, you start to see flaws in the other person you didn't notice before. I just hope he doesn't rebound because he misses being in love and being a couple. I wish him the best. And Kristen DID
    respond in an interview before her affair became public, that she had had things too easy and needed
    for someone to "f--k her over". Trash talk is not above her, it seems. One should be careful of what one wishes for!

  • rose ann remoto - 7 years ago


  • skeptical - 7 years ago

    Better to end it. Kristen paid her dues. He's beating a dead horse. He can use it as an excuse for being a jerk but would'nt be surprised if Katy Perry took home Kristen's leftovers. I smell something rotten.

  • Alwiya - 7 years ago

    i thnk Rob hs improvd his mistke..wch he did by acptng kristn...she is realy a ditcher..nd will cntinue hr imature nature..Rob realy needed to dumb hr...They shud understand th fact that there done with each other nd need to move will be better for both of them..

  • Ciji - 7 years ago

    Well-he did party with Katy Perry in NYC after she said she would date him "in a minute."

  • lrk - 7 years ago

    If they keep breaking up like this IT IS OVER stop getting together couples that break up as many times as they have it is not worth it go on live a little and find someone you can stop breaking up with and five with. Couples that fight like this and break up NEVER WORK no matter how many times you get back together it IS OLD. What she did was wrong for someone whom says she LOVED him right stupid lie. Taking her back then was the biggest mistake HE EVER DID. Kristine is imaturea nd many other things Rob has changed and loosing fan based because of her. Move on focus on careers and grow up and life will be a blessing at the end. Pain and love do hurt move on. PLEASE

  • Katy - 7 years ago

    They will be again the twilight copule. They need to be again together beca use they are good boyfriend and girlfriend.

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