Do you think President Obama speaks to the Black community with a level of scorn that he doesn't use on others?

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  • Java - 7 years ago

    Obama said in the Huffington Post, "the morning after I was elected, little black boys and girls will know that anything is possible, that alone is enough", and he meant that!

  • Earl Michael Glass - 7 years ago

    there has been an thing ingrained in each human being(race removed)called INTEGRITY,when you lose respect for the life of a HUMAN,does that not damage your soul,by what right has a person to take the life of another human being,a thought what if one could look into the future of that individual whom they were about to kill, only too discover that somehow that person may have the opportunity to save someone they Dearly loved,would they still pull the trigger on that person? We have lost our way,our accountability,WAKE UP,WAKE UP,PLEASE WAKE UP.

  • lookllx - 7 years ago

    I have one question for all you whites who are on here claiming to be black. What is it he should be doing for blacks? The last time I check, immigrants, gays, and middle are black people as well. Unfortunately, here is where crazy talk like "he is not doing nothing for black" support the notion that blacks always are looking for handouts. I am a black man I was able to take advantage of the first time home buyers program he put in place, I was able to take advantage of the junk your car program he put in place, I was able to take advantage of the affordable care act and keep my daughter on my insurance policy. What the problem is with you few blacks who think he has not done anything for you is that you do not do anything for yourself. If you did you would recognize that he has done things that black could take advantage of. As for as black farmers, unless congress give him a bill he is limited in what he can do. The power is in congress people. The President can only sign what make it to his desk. Oh, blacks, if he was not in the position he is in now, College loans will be off the chart. Opportunity is out there, stop stopping yourself. Finally, the way I saw that speech was he really understand us as people. There is nothing wrong with constructive criticism.

  • miss brown - 7 years ago

    Last one: Accountability is an ingredient of greatness! (Auto correct is not my friend today.)

  • miss brown - 7 years ago

    Auto correct!!! I meant: IF YOU MESS UP, I WILL PULL YOUR COAT!! Have a great one!!

  • miss brown - 7 years ago

    I teach students everyday. My motto: IF YOU SITE UP, I'M GONNA PULL YOUR COAT!!! I DON'T CARE WHAT COLOR YOU ARE!!!! Accountability is 11am ingredient of greatness. We can't ignore what's happening (Shawty Lo with his 10 baby mamas). I am a proud, Black 31 year old female. My parents (yes both) had great great jobs, had one child (me; that is what they could afford), Pushed all the information they could into my brain. They actually had enough money to have more than one child, but made the decision to keep me an only could. LOL! I'm proud of how my parents planned my life. But, these are some of the questions I get from my own people: When are you gonna have a baby? (After marriage and when I can afford it.) What is your dad's last name? (WHAT?!?!?! My father, my mother and myself all have the same last name.) Are you the only child by your mom and dad?!?!? (WHAT?!?! That's like saying "Do your parents have self control over their sexual organs?" Ummmm yes. Educating me was more important to my parents than having an orgasm. Black America wouldn't feel like they're being "called out" if they weren't participating in the bull. (Bull: having children like you parent well; like your first child was a scholar so you decided to have another one, allowing children to do and say what they please, expecting others to be responsible for your bad decisions, promoting violence, promoting baby mamas and absent fathers, etc. Be someone your children can be proud of. I know I am!!!!!

  • DESHAN - 7 years ago

    Obama, speaks of being the President of the people, yet, this man has been on a crusade for the right of homosexual's like no President ever has. He has gone out his way to help women's, immigrant's, and others and this man has spoken so much about these people rights that he don't have time for black folks. His cabinet from start to finish is 80-90% white male and female. What..?" he is the only black folk (really biracial not black) that has any intellectual capacity to think or to be....?" We all know what he has done for and continue trying to do for Gay's, Mexicans and women's (i am for what he has done) but, when in the "Hell" is he going to do something for African Americans...???" He has done nothing with all that "Power" for the "Black Farmers." "Will someone Please! name me something "Real" he has done to show AA's that see, i can also go to bat for you!! Nothing, is what this guy, has done for us. If this President, was a regular black person or a relative you people would have "Rip" him a "new A@@#$le!! We as a people have been "pimped" so many times by our own people in power, we can't see, much less handle the truth, even when we know it is a lie!!!

  • Rodd - 7 years ago

    It was real, and in our society it is the wisdom of the kindred so to speak that has the most impact. The Black family lacks the male guidance(in alot of youths live). Because most families consit of Mothers,grandmothers or some other female family member. This trend is changing, so for president Obama to offer some words of wisdom,as would a male family member would is appreciated. Sometimes it takes another way to speak on the problem(thus rap and spoken word).
    Well done Mr. President

  • Script - 7 years ago

    1.) Our President is of African Origin. So it is understandable that he would take a position that he felt would help inspire his people.

    2.) We as a people are in dire need of these words from our President, thus the reason why most of us voted for President Obama to begin with. We wanted our youth to have a respectable black leader to inspire them to become better men & women.

    3.) If our race was a species, we would be classified as an endanger species. We are the closet race to genocide. This can not be said for any other race of people. We have major problem and its time addresses it so we can begin on working on it

    4.) How upset would people be if he started a discussion on reparations in stead of personal responsibility?

  • Teddy - 7 years ago

    Ok, before you start talking about the spelling mistakes. Idot = idiot and corrections, he wasn't talking to white people. Sorry :-)

  • Teddy - 7 years ago

    Did he lie? No. He is telling the truth. He is saying the same thing that so many of our black leaders have said. Drive through the hood and tell me what you see. SMH. How can we be so proud and strong, but so thin skinned at the same time? If the shoe fits, you know the rest. If you don't fit in this category, what would you say to the idot who shot up those people in New Orleans? Of course white people shooting too, but he was talking to white people. If he had come out and said you have a bright future and nothing will stand in your way, you would have said, that is the white side of him talking. Let's be real. We still messing it up for us! We have enough to deal outside our communities, why can't we stop being ignorant and be somebody. If you don't want to be somebody, don't be the lazy @$$ crab at the bottom of the bucket pulling others down.

  • Easter M - 7 years ago

    The reality is that the gap between have and have not when it comes to the black and the other race is extremely widen that some time you will be wondering why things are the way they are for example the hiring scenario of the minority (black) and women by the high tech companies in Silicon valley, California read on CNN money recently will confirm what is still going on in the 20 century America and other part of the this great nation of ours, where by hiring is depend of who you are not what you can do. We as a people should work together for the betterment of all races that is my opinion. Thanks

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