Which of these characters would you like to see returning in the final season?


  • Greg - 10 years ago

    I think Rita or Lumen would be a good choice. If Rita just to be Dexter's white light if he dies and she says something sweet to him and he smiles as he dies. Lumen because I always thought it would have been great for Lumen and Dexter to end up together in the end. But the problem with that would be Hannah since she is coming back for this finale season I have to wonder what type of a role is she going to be playing. Is she the reason why Deb is in such a bad place in this season? Who know but the people that work for the show.

  • Joanna - 10 years ago

    Lumen?? You kidding me?? Worst season by far.

    RITA all the way!!

  • cranked - 10 years ago

    lumen got the most votes XD

  • Steve L. Leyk - 10 years ago


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