How many different languages are spoken in your Tree?

  • Georgett Koldoff-Studnicka - 14 years ago

    The predominant language would be English, followed by the ancestrial German and Czech.

    I learn new things about Geni everyday...thank you so very, very much!

  • David Linker - 14 years ago

    7+ for us

    My grandmother alone speaks four fluently (English, German, Serbian and Hungarian) and two more if she really tries (French and Hebrew) - not bad for 93 years old. We have family members who speak each of these languages other than my grandmother. We also have Greek, Russian and Japanese speakers and probably a few other languages I don't know about.

  • Mladen Mihajlovic - 14 years ago

    Also Finnish.

  • Mladen Mihajlovic - 14 years ago

    Most of my family is Serbian. I would love to see Serbian as a localization language on Geni:)

  • Greg - 14 years ago

    Swedish, Italian, Spanish, French

  • Giuseppe - 14 years ago

    As i`m originaly from Italy, most of my family speak Italian- English, my extended family speak Greek, French, German, Spanish.

  • Vaidis - 14 years ago

    Laura, I think this poll is about native language users. Language you learn but don't use within your family doesn't count.

  • vitali - 14 years ago

    many in my family are not proficient in English and that is a main reason why half of my family are not on geni, localization is my number #1 feature request.

  • Keith - 14 years ago

    You'd be make many Austrians happy if you were able to add localization to Geni. People would be far more confident to input data, instead of just looking at it.

  • Payam - 14 years ago

    Farsi (Persian), English, German - We have family members in Iran, UK, Germany, Canada and Austria. How nice it would be to have Geni in German. And well if Geni asks users to provide translations in different languages, I'll do the Farsi translation :)

  • Małgosia - 14 years ago

    I`m from Poland so my familly speak in polisch but I have familly who live in Germany and in France also they speak in russian

  • guillo - 14 years ago

    je souhaiterai le language français pour ce site, indiquez moi comment faire si cela est possible, merci

  • Anthony - 14 years ago

    English, of course. Then lots of Spanish, German, Flemish, French, Haitian Creole, Chinese, and Hindi. These are just the natural languages.

  • Cary - 14 years ago

    Hmm, lets see: English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Italian, Filipino, Japanese and French. yeah, I think localization would be pretty important :)

  • Mike D. - 14 years ago

    We've got: English, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, French

  • Mauricio - 14 years ago

    Localization is definitely a must!

  • Vince - 14 years ago

    We've got mostly Dutch (Nederlands) on my fathers' side, and mostly English (Canadian) on my mothers' side. German (standard and Plattdüütsch) would be pretty handy for the Mennonite contingent, and there are some others that could be useful depending how far out it goes: Italian, French (Quebecois/Metis/Canadian and Parisian), Ukrainian, Polish, etc.

  • Nixie - 14 years ago

    What is the meaning of "Tree" in this question? Does it refer to the new terminology where "Tree" means blood tree + their spouses, or does the question actually refer to forest or connected people? The answer is of course often different depending to what is referred to, and the terminology still feels confusing since the introduction of the forest concept.

  • Bosse Pettersson - 14 years ago

    Localization yes! Swedish ;)

  • jake - 14 years ago

    I have 4 languages in my tree, but counted only the native languages, not the learned languages.

  • Andre - 14 years ago

    mine too

  • Pascal - 14 years ago

    Geni localization is my number #1 feature request !! Please !

  • Laura - 14 years ago

    At last count we've got, English, German, Russian (Kevin), Spanish (Laura), French, (Kevin, Bill and Laura), Arabic (Sama and Bill), Mandarin Chinese (Noah), Romanian (Jenny)... perhaps there are others I'm not aware of? Well... besides a little bit of Nahuatl Laura is learning. If that counts, that would be 8. Any others?

    This is 'in counting'... we are a polyglot family. Love, Laura

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