Is Kanye West Playing With The Devil?


  • MD - 9 years ago

    You guys are the epitome of stupid if you think he's a devil worshiper or part of the "illuminati". Wake up & stop being so ignorant.

  • TC - 9 years ago

    Screw Kanye for being so weak minded that he has to sell his soul to the devil to sell records. I don't mean he pricked his skin and signed a contract. I mean he completely turned his back on his young followers and
    sold them down the river by exposing them to the dark symbols and rituals of satanism. A responsible artist knows better than to lead his fans down the wrong path. There is certainly a special place reserved in hell for Kanye, JZ and the rest of those losers. Including THE GAME. He is sold out too. These guys would never blaspheme ISLAM like they do Christianity cause they know they would wake up with a bomb shoved up their a$$.

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