Should the Dodgers fire Don Mattingly?


  • Steve - 11 years ago

    This roster was comprised of a bunch of high priced players that were picked up just to get butts in seats. Crawford and Kemp are recovering from major surgeries, which everyone knows that it takes at least a year to fully recover. We lost a starting pitcher due to an incident in San Diego, our bullpin is atrocious and Cruz has been a disappointment. Let's not forget about all of the hamstring injuries along with Hadley Ramirez' pair of injuries. So, should Mattingly be the blame for this fiasco? Of course not! He inherited this mess, so this team was not by put together by him. Do I feel that he is the right guy for the job? Let's just say that his primary weakness is knowing when it is the right time to pull a pitcher out of a game. On the other hand, is that because he cant trust his bullpin? That said, I'd rather see Colletti on the hot seat, if this team still can't get it's act together once everyone has been healed, have played for a while and there is no improvement....

  • gphill1450 - 11 years ago

    The players ought to be embarrassed. If they were working for a living, rather than playing a game for, well how many millions?, they would be fired. Mattingly is doing as well as he can with a team that just does notwant to win.

  • charles - 11 years ago

    Wrong target. Should evaluate what the GM has done.

  • Louis Rodriguez - 11 years ago

    i agree that a manager cannot bat or pitch, or run, or catch for anyone in his line-up, is the manager's job to get to know his players, and their strengths, and abilities, and know when to use them, or when not to. It is also the manager's job to know how to get the most out of each individual, and utilize the player as best he can for the best of the team. Last, but not least, a good manager knows when to lay down the law, and communicate his concerns to the team. Mattingly is too friendly with everyone, and that is okay to a point, because it can make things awkward when you have to get serious, and express your frustrations or concerns to a player, or players.
    The Angels are having serious problems themselves, and they are loaded with big money players, however they are starting to turn it around. if the Dodgers don't follow suit, I say bye bye Mattingly.

  • Curtis - 11 years ago

    Mattingly does not deserve to be fired, typically what happens when you give a player a substantial amount of pay desire comes into play. Either is the one that needs to answer and look into the mirror about his drive to win now that he's gotten his cash. To blame anyone for injuries is wrong, but you do have two players with equal ability to Either and Crawford in the minor leagues it is time to restock the farm systems with pitchers that are closer to the bigs, not against trading players if it helps in the long term viability of the Dodgers

  • Glenn - 11 years ago

    Keep Mattingly. I might have voted yes on this poll had Mattingly not questioned the Dodgers mental toughness publicly. However, Wednesday, he moved from being the players friend to being a manager. It always seems that when players get those big contract extensions with those no trade clauses, their playing falls off. Sometimes the only way to motivate them is make them humble before their fans. Perhaps a little well-placed fan booing at the Stadium is in order. Becoming a great manager doesn't happen overnight. If you look out there, there aren't very many managers out there who are even that good. Fans are fickle. Most that call for player changes, manager changes, coaching changes can't find their behind with both hands. Trading Mattingly for Scoscia? Wasn't it just a couple of weeks ago when so-called knowledgeable fans were calling for Scoscia to be replaced? Think about it. There use to be a time when a manager use to fine a batter for going after a bad ball on an 0-2 count, or fine a pitcher for serving up a gopher ball on an 0-2 count? OH, well we can't do that, we may hurt the feelings of that $20 million a year player. Face it, players today are prima donnas.

  • OCdodgersFAN - 11 years ago

    I think Mattingly, while a respectable manager, isn't the right fit for the Dodgers. He clearly cannot motivate them. While we're clearing out management, get rid of McGuire who has done absolutely ZILCH in helping the Dodgers's bats.

  • Christopher Mosley - 11 years ago

    Everybody wanted Mike Brown fired, but not Donnie baseball. I wonder why. I know why... Because Mike Brown is.....

  • David - 11 years ago

    Ethier only hits when Kemp is doing well....and doesn't hit lefties. Time to go.

  • Linda - 11 years ago

    Colletti should get the Dodgers a closer. The bullpen blew 13 games. If they even converted half of those.....well, you get the idea.

  • jj - 11 years ago

    When your power hitting, cleanup guy has 2 home runs and strikes out 30% of the time, it's hardly the manager's fault. Kemp is either hurt and not talking about it or still far from regaining his form. He looks horrible at the plate, hitting on top of the ball way too often. Kemp is the major reason this team is struggling and until he starts hitting and not killing potential rallies, this team will end up at the bottom of their division. If any management/coaching changes are in order, maybe it's time for Tim Wallach to take over for McGuire.

  • Al - 11 years ago

    Andre Ethier is a great player who always gives his best effort. The fact that Mattingly is questioning that is only a result of him having a personal problem with Ethier. Don makes rash decisions that have cost the dodgers several games this season. Andre is one of the only players on the team who actually hustles down the line on routine grounders. The dodger management has to make a decision on who they believe in mattingly or ethier.

  • Hanz - 11 years ago

    Until wednesday he was the one protecting the players and making exscuses for their bad approach towards the game. maybe finally Donnie has just woken up and changed his stategy towards the team on wednesday night when benching Ethier and sending a message to the team. let's hope this has been the turning point to salvage this season.

  • David - 11 years ago

    I don't like Ned Colletti, however, every player he went out and got is a major league ready caliber player. It is a managers responsibility to bring out the best and play to their strengths. Let us not forget this is baseball and there is a lot of strategy involved throughout the course of a game and Don Mattingly is very, very bad at that. Leaving runners on base is not a stat you want to lead the league in. You can't just wait for the big hit or expect a guy to bust out of a slump. You have to light a fire with emotion, create urgency by calling a good game. Time and time again there are opportunities for a steal, hit and run, bunt tue runners over and even squeeze plays and we have witnessed failures to do so. These plays are exciting, create unity and put pressure on the defense. Risky for sure, but there is no success without risk.
    Example of not playing to a player's strength: when Andre Ethier was hitting in front of Manny Ramitez is when we really found out what kind of hitter he is and he was batting 2nd. I've seen him hit in many spots in the batting order but 2nd. It would force him to be more patient, it would give Carl Crawford some protection on 1st for a better jump and in the line up in general, he'd get more fastballs to hit, etc... My thoughts as a baseball fan and more importantly a Dodgers fan.

  • Austin Ringelstein - 11 years ago

    First, this poll means nothing. It would be easy for the average fan to look at the amount of money spent on the team and the record and say fire him but that's a knee jerk reaction in a world that wants instant success. Baseball is a slow game and it takes time for a team to gel especially after so many injuries. Remember, Matt Kemp is still not even close to max form after shoulder surgery. Given all the recent losses Donnie has a right to be frustrated but not to be fired. Let's support him and his team.

  • Roger - 11 years ago

    Fire Ethier

  • Michael - 11 years ago

    Lets take a look at the Yankees and their enjuries jeter.arod.kevin.mark.curtis
    And they are still winning games

  • Martin - 11 years ago

    I liked what he did before wednesday's game when he became a manager and not a former player. Who knows their are times in the season that as the boss of the dugout he'll need to lay down the law. Some players will not see that and others will head to the field with the fire that is needed to win games. Lets see some grit and fire on the field guys. Get me the players who have this quality.......

  • Anthony - 11 years ago

    When you are a manager of a team or a bussiness and your team is failing, it's the responsability of the manager to figure out how to make things work and succeed. At this time Mattingly is inaffective. I would have fired him already. You cant sit there and blame the team when he is responsable for the team. He needs to change it bif its not woking thats why he is the manager.

  • Kim - 11 years ago

    Fire Colletti. THAT should boost the confidence and morale. THEN the players and coaches know they might be taken seriously. Mattingly is right- just can't be throwing dollars around thinking that's how to build a winning team. And that is exactly what Colletti did. This whole mess lands squarely on Colletti's shoulders. Oh, and lose McGwire. That experiment has run its course.

  • Burton S. - 11 years ago

    The only reason Mattingly is manager is that he is Joe Torre's protoge. Mattingly is no Torre under any circumstances. A great hitter, yes, not a great manager.

  • Ryan - 11 years ago

    What about option C: Trade Mattingly to the Angels for Scoscia straight-up.

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