Top Ten Premier League Strikers In 2012/13

  • Nicholas - 9 years ago

    Rooney is the best,as for me Rvp is beta suarez so stop debate of who s better than who.

  • Abass Azeez - 9 years ago

    Suare is the best everybody know that, but they wount tell the truth.

  • lamptey theopilus - 9 years ago

    despite all racist suarez is better van p and he is the best in the english premier league 2012 -2013

  • Kamal - 9 years ago

    Good point @Sabarisih. Whether u like it or not Suarez is de best striker. He was de 2nd best player last season in BPL (if not for de bite he would have been 1st). While RvP was 3rd. Suarez plays in a one-man team, so he‘s better!

  • LFCinYAFace - 9 years ago

    Suarez altho i hate him personally is the best in the league. Hot headed but he's a magician, not pens n tap ins like van pussy.

  • Lartyv - 9 years ago

    Suarez is a great player no doubt.need to keep his head cool

  • Iberosi frankline - 9 years ago

    Lukaku,tried more dan all other strikes in england.

  • Jimmy - 9 years ago

    Stop having wars over who is the best striker. Clearly it's RVP, he scored the most goals and had more assists than Suarez. Liverpool should pay to get rid of Suarez let alone offload him to Arsenal for £50M.
    He's just more trouble than he's worth

  • Kintu - 9 years ago

    That dog hey. How can u vote him. Ur a idiot big boy. Van p is far best

  • Wiz - 9 years ago

    Where is Giroud???

  • Shelton - 9 years ago

    "Super Sub" Edin Dzeko

  • ermias - 9 years ago

    van the man
    he is the only one
    for every one

  • steve - 9 years ago

    luis suarez best ever in England

  • southampton fc - 9 years ago


  • mahmood deepshiet - 9 years ago

    i am a fun of chesee too and hope we by sum gud play as we not gud in leege , tink arsanal and man ceety and manu will al be beeter dan us , hop mordeeneo does nit runaway again as wory we relegate

  • abdul majeed lukman - 9 years ago

    i am a chelsea fun and that case romelo lukaku will be the best for me.

  • JAMES - 9 years ago


  • big rodney - 9 years ago

    @ big boy , no need to lie little fello!! i will give you 1pound 50 again to buy an ice cream, dont get run over when you cross the road!! and dont rush back , oh and make up your little mind who is the best, i know you are retarded , but theres nothing that can be done about that.

  • COREY FREAR MELLOR - 9 years ago

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  • Big Rodney - 9 years ago

    BIg Rodney.
    Firstly, I must comment on your wording of sentences... appalling. My 6 year old niece has better grammar. Secondly, you weren't 'Banging' my dearest Mother last night. Also I am not 12 years of age, I am 4 as i was born on a leap year. And for your information I am not 'retarded' I just have a very large head with a deep lying hair line. Finally, the best striker in the prem league is without a doubt El Hadji Diouf.

  • Brendan Lynn - 9 years ago

    I'm signing for Bayern Munich from Gomersal Boys for an aproximated fee of $23 Million. Other clubs were in the hunt such as Accrington and Dewsbury Rangers but i decided to go where i could improve myself not only as a player but also an individual. x x

  • big rodney - 9 years ago

    i was banging big boys mum and yes i can confirm he is 12 and retarded, but luckily not the seed of my loin, noone knows who his dad is, even his mum is a bit hazy , but would have to go with michu

  • Wig-dog - 9 years ago


  • Big big boy - 9 years ago

    Luis sucker is crap and you can fuck off big boy

  • Amad - 9 years ago

    pity those lfc & Suarez haters,so stress up...

  • Jimothy - 9 years ago

    I believe that the best striker in the league this season has got to be Edebayor, Such i key player to Tottenhams title winning performances. A clinical finisher with plenty of pace and composure. One for the future. EMMANUEL ADEBAYOR!

  • Big Boy - 9 years ago

    Ok so i am 12 years old and retarded, take it easy on me, sorry for the abuse
    and yes.... i call myself big boy, but in reality have a baby penis.

  • luke - 9 years ago

    Andy the assassin Carroll the deadliest striker in the premier league

  • Dave H - 9 years ago

    Going by minutes per goal + assists, have to go for Lukaku.

  • Thomas - 9 years ago

    Rvp is d best striker in 2012 2013

  • riz - 9 years ago

    RVP is d best than dog suarez.I think he is suitable 4 underdog movie.

  • Lad - 9 years ago

    Big Boy so what if you say he can only score tap ins (which he cant) Free Kick against City, first game of the season at southampton, that wonderous volley), isn't that ultimately what a striker is supposed to do, put the ball in the back of the net in whatever way possible, proves he's goal scorer, unlike the filth suarez who can only score by lashing his foot at ball, no finese in the slightest

  • styly - 9 years ago

    Suarez? haha he's a disgrace to football in general, best striker? not a sniff, he's an outright cheat, a racist, an animal and shames liverpool every time he plays
    shit, liverpool fans would defend Jimmy Saville if he put on an LFC shirt.. idiots

  • THE FOOTBALL EXPERT - 9 years ago

    Rob Hulse will once again reign supreme and will join Manchester United for £35million and net a record 35 goals in his first season back. You heard it here first

  • calum mckeeown - 9 years ago

    ryan nelson nd sean derry wer gd dis season lolz !! i fukn luv qpr

  • Patrick Graham - 9 years ago

    m8 i think tht robby green had a good season, so did borini !! but overall , i fink dat grant holt was v good lik lolz

  • chelsea fan - 9 years ago

    id say robin van persie....boring choice but he is the best striker in the league, and some1 said he just scores tap ins and chelsea fan and cant stand man utd ....plastic fans ..but he dont just score tap ins, he scored that rocket of a volly this season, truely world class goal..

  • Royden - 9 years ago

    Van Persie is more consistent than Suarez and that alone makes him a better player. Suarez is a reali brilliant player. He has been liverpools key playa this year. He easily carried Liverpool to where they ended in the league. Now Liverpool is a one-man team. Van Persie is more lethal and deadly upfront. Van Persie just need one good opportunity then it's goal. That is what a striker should be like. Van Persie just needs one bite at the goalkeeper (not literali, like Suarez did) and you know it's goal.

  • gerard - 9 years ago

    @ little boy,
    i think u will find suarez is the dirtiest player in the league, possibly the world and doesnt even want to play for the scum anymore!!!!!
    urgghhhh, scum like you make me wont to vomit,
    if only your mum hadnt decided to get drunk that night and sleep with anyone and everyone,
    good luck finding out who your dad is.

  • Big Boy - 9 years ago

    All the Mancs voting for Robin Van Pussy the dirty piece of scum. Suarez is by far the best striker, Van Pussy relies on penalties and tap ins and played more games than Luis. LOL - gerard - care to back those comments up? Dipper

  • Peter nwosu - 9 years ago

    Van persie best striker in epl

  • Lol - 9 years ago

    What about theo Walcott he scored a hattrick In his 1st game a ST

  • sabarisih - 9 years ago

    luis suarez is better striker than van persie. suarez 23 goals are without penalties

  • gerard - 9 years ago

    suarez is a dirty racist, no wonder these lfc fans are voting for him in force, they will be bringing another louis racist suarez is innocent t shirt out again.

  • LH - 9 years ago

    Giroud is very underrated. 17 goals and little credit.

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