Assigned Political ScienceTexts, High School

  • Denis Byrne - 9 years ago

    I believe that there are some (too few) schools that include a unit on the core documents in what now are called "American Studies" courses. My recent contacts with several high school & college students leave me with the feeling that majority do not understand the philosophical underpinnings of our nation. However a sizable minority have demonstrated that they understand & accept the the ideas upon which the foundation documents are based; (excluding the rule of law relating to cannabis & alcohol). My observation is that there seems to be a correlation parental example & students adopting the responsibilities of adult citizens.

  • Betsy Young - 9 years ago

    Zinn's work of bemoaning America would accomplish only one thing!! Finish up what the progressive/socialist educators have been trying to do for decades! Zinn was the original PTSD sufferer and it shows in his life's work! His enmity was glaringly apparent!
    On the other hand, Friedrich A. Hayek accomplishes tremendously in the history of liberty! Hayek felt that socialism in all it's forms is contrary to freedom! Our children need to understand this!
    I also believe Eric Metaxas' book on Dietrich Bonhoeffer should be added..."Bonhoeffer:Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy"

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