What grade do you give the 'Smash' series finale?

  • Tisch B - 8 years ago

    Absolutely loved the Broadway content of this how. The backstage scenes, the singing, the dancing were breathtaking. Jimmy was awful. Hated his scenes. So whiney and into himself. Not surprised that the network cancelled this show. It was too good to last. Means I can go back to my dvd collection for good entertainment. TV is a bust these days.

  • Lori - 8 years ago

    Smash is the best show to hit TV in a long time. The music and cast are fantastic. I hope that this is not the last of Smash!!!! The network really made a mistake by canceling Smash.

  • Lori - 8 years ago

    Smash is the best show to hit TV in a long time. The music and cast are fantastic. I hope that this is not the last of Smash!!!! The network really made a mistake by canceling Smash.

  • Susan Beauchene - 8 years ago

    I wrote a letter to Andy Cohen at Bravo telling him they should buy the show. I know HBO is owned by NBC so it would be easier for THEM to buy it, but since they are the network that messed with the show so much they ruined it, I don't want them to. But I want SOME network to buy it, so that the show will continue. It was too good to just cancel and have it go away.

    There must be a SMASH fan club or something that could organize a write in campaign

  • m - 8 years ago

    I usually get hooked on one TV show a season – and Smash was what I looked forward to seeing this year - but they kept changing the nights and I could not keep track – so I resorted to watching the videos of it on my computer. Smash was kind of the grown-ups version of Glee, which I would sometimes watch just for the theatre/singing aspect- until Smash aired. Yes, it was a bit sappy/and or predictable at times, especially the finale - but I guess it was nice to tie up the loose ends – with happy ever after theme. It definitely was better than the overload of crap "reality" (scripted) and “Talent” shows on TV. Sad to see it go. I love theatre, I Loved Smash, and I will sadly miss escaping one hour a week with the actors.

  • mark mueller - 8 years ago

    Smash was the best show on tv. I hope it get nominated for best show at the Emmy's. The finale was amazing and the cast rendition of Under Pressure was sooooo good.I can't stop listening to it.

  • Jill Harlow - 8 years ago

    I'm so disappointed! I loved this show - sure it had its weak moments, but overall I thought it was great. NBC didn't give it chance, and shuffling the showtimes didn't help, but I was a loyal follower and hope, by some miracle, it reappears!!!

  • Phyllis Podbielak - 8 years ago

    I loved this show & I am soo disappointed it is over. All my friends are also so angry that this show is over and not other shows that should be over are still on. The music, & the acting were wonderful.

  • maggie Wilson - 8 years ago

    I won't waste anyones time here , as I have the same thoughts that the others wrote abt.; loving , ECT. the show ....I may just give up watching anything on NBC ...even Jay Leno ,Jim Fallon , As much as I enjoy them both !!! I'd even pay for the HBO ch. to get to see this show ...I know Many others out there are going to miss this show ! Am also hoping maybe Steven S. can bring it back to another channel !! We can only pray , as I know the" suits " have to think in terms of dollars & cents ...tooo bad !!!

  • Louann - 8 years ago

    I wish they would make Hit List into a real touring theater show. Are there any plans to at least put out a CD of all the songs used in it? I don't like to just get mp3s individually online.

  • laura - 8 years ago

    Wonderful show! I had a lot of fun watching this show. It was the most intelligent show on TV and the most entertaining. Sadly, this show is scrutinized more than any other crap that is being left on the air - including the ridiculous singing contests on every station. Judges are horrible and do not have anything constructive to say. But let's cancel something refreshingly different, that educates the masses on the importance of musical theater, surrounded by interesting story lines and kick-butt musical numbers! I am very sad about the ending of this show. I am mourning the loss of these characters that I have grown to love!

  • Colleen T - 8 years ago

    I thought this finale was poorly written. I didn't quite understand why the audience was so rude to Derek. Isn't that hypocritical? It's not like he murdered someone. Hey, they have the term "casting couch" after all so I'm sure his antics--however immoral--are nothing new in show business??

    And could Jimmy be more sickening?
    And wouldn't you think Ivy/Derek would use birth control? Especially a budding Broadway actress whose on the verge of huge success?? DUH?!

    There was too much corny-ness and predictability, such as the wine bottle scene. Good grief. So old. Derek's sulking alone in his room, then Karen telling him "it will pass". Ugh. Or Cinderella (Ana) getting to go to the ball at the last minute. Yuck.

    Believe it or not, I AM a fan who watched every episode, but last night found myself constantly saying "What? Oh please!"

    Oh yeh... what about Jimmy and the "dead" girl. Wouldn't you try to find out if she died before confessing your part in it? Geeez. But, yay, lock him up!

    Lastly, however annoying I thought this episode was, all was forgiven when Ivy, Tom/Julia, Bombshell WON!

  • susie - 8 years ago

    Loved Smash. Love musicals, enjoyed the cast, plots, although sometimes sappy. Hated to see it end. It was refreshing as Frank said. So much better than the garbage reality shows. Even though some acting might have been sub par, the music and dancing was very entertaining. I did like how they tied up loose ends. Would have preferred to see Julia with her husband, not adulterous Michael. For crying out loud, he had a cute wife and little child. Of all the trash on TV, I hated to see this show go.

  • Senia - 8 years ago

    I was so heartbroken when I found out that Smash got cancelled!!! But I loved the way they tied up the mostly loose ends. Unfortunately, I still hated Jimmy's character till the end...but ah well. I will be rewatching this show again from the beginning!! :)

  • CATHY - 8 years ago

    To whom this may concern..
    This is a message from AUSTRALIA..... How stupid can you be cancelling this show!!!!! Such a great and wonderful show that was loved on the other side of the world. Im really hoping that another network will pick up the show and continue the story that is left to be told in the finale..
    Bombshell actually gets made into a proper musical that comes to Australia, along with Hit List..

  • Frank Venezia - 8 years ago

    Save this show. One of the best on TV. Acting was great, music was great, story lines were great and so was the music. Show was refreshing. I guess a bit of culture is worth less than Real LifeScripted stories that are worthless.

  • Johanna keyes - 8 years ago

    I loved this show....sorry to see it end.

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