Do You Print Pictures Anymore?


  • gonzalo - 11 years ago

    hell, i even bought an epson t50 with the continuous ink system to print my pictures at home. what is the pint of having them in your computer? you can give them as gifts for friends anf amily, or keep them in albums, or in your desk at work. I dont print ALL of them, just the ones i really like.

  • Erik Watts - 11 years ago

    Great timing. I just bought a few packs of photo paper. I love the ease of digital photography but really enjoy the real world look and feel of a print. I sometimes have prints made through Mpix too.

  • Kayla - 11 years ago

    I like to get huge poster prints from Costco and hang them in my room! The size impresses people even if my technique is still amateur-ish, hahaha.

  • Jeremy Hall - 11 years ago

    Printing is fun......

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