Do you think ex-felons should have their voting rights restored?


  • Sam Bowen - 8 years ago

    I'm a disabled Veteran with Bi-pilor & PTSD. In Va. After having my home Shot up by a convicted felon and another man who pled Guilty, the district Attorney decided to not press charges!! I Couldn't believe why and outside the court I ask him how could they throw out a guilty plea! So I let him know how I felt about it! I'm in a wheelchair and those bullets went thru my daughters bedroom wall and kitchen walls plus a few other places. I Had to move my family to a Safer place. leaving that house vacant for months! And had to pay movers, go into debt to buy another home! Mine was paid for!! As a Combat Veteran who was unable to even get out of Bed at the time! Hearing automatic weapons blasting from next door! I suffer all summer. Only another Veteran could know that Terror!! The next thing I knew, the Commonwealths attorney had me arrested for signing a voter registration card.Not for Voting. Now He wants me to plead Guilty with up to 5years in Prison + up to $10.000. Fine! I Was called to do Jury duty on a felony cases few years ago, are they responsible for checking backgrounds or what!! I'm From Massachusetts. And the laws there allowed a felon who's paid there Dept to society!! To vote and to continue to live a productive life with out Fear of retaliation from a corrupt Power Drunk Commonwealths Attorney!! I'm Feeling like hes Getting me back for telling him that he failed to protect my family and broke the Law and Trust by letting two fellons who admitted to Shooting into an occupied Dwelling! No I'm not some one who drinks or does Drugs, I live a very quiet and peaceful life!! I bought a house 3500.50 sf Nextdoor to a policeman and the Judge who is hearing my case on the 17th he and I haven't met each other and I know he is a fair and honest man!!
    But I have a public defender, who doesn't want to stir up Mr R Morris small town warlord selfcentered and Vendicive bully! So hang the Victims and let the expensive lawyers the Shooters hired go free!! This is Not the Country I FOUGHT for!! Hopeless in Ruckersville Va

  • S. Richardson - 10 years ago

    I am a convicted felon (2006) in the state of Virginia and I feel the sting of this everyday. I am a retired Navy veteran of 20 years and I have earned a Master's Degree. I submitted paperwork to have my voting rights restored at the required five year waiting period in 2011. Shortly after, I received an automated phone call asking my political affiliation. I did not at the time think this had anything to do with my restoration of rights request but about a week later, I receieved my notice that I would NOT have my rights restored. I do not have proof that the situation was related but I feel they were. It is very discouraging to have served your country for 20 years and not be able to vote. Although I do have a felony conviction, I am still human, I pay taxes, and I feel that NEVER being able to practice a basic right again is just a slap in the face. People change and when a felon has paid their debt to society, (I did no time in jail) give us a chance to become functioning citizens again!

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