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  • Sandy Soennichsen - 10 years ago

    Pedestrian Main St sounds quaint and cosy but God help us if a fire breaks out and the equipment can't easily get there, or if a person is having a stroke or heart attack and can't be reached in time.
    As to pop out dining: it strikes me as unfair that a prospective restaurant on the Post Rd might be required to increase the number of available parking spaces to be allowed to open, and a restaurant in town center can pop out extra dining spaces and eliminate a number of public parking spaces. Yeah, that sounds fair.
    And about parallel parking: sit out at Oscar's one day and watch the parallel parking talents of most drivers; it is to laugh and in some countries probably criminal. Go ahead, tap the bumpers of the cars in front and behind you; hey, so you are so far away from the curb that you'll need to pack a snack to eat to walk to the curb. And "I'm from Westport" so why does it matter that my car now encroaches out in the lane of traffic. If you think that's bad, stick around and I'll show you my illegal u-turn when I leave and those cars driving on the street had better wait to accommodate my indulgences because "I'm more important than anyone else."

  • Dawn - 10 years ago

    Love the idea of pedestrian only street!

  • armellepd - 10 years ago

    Armelle Daniels

  • armellepd - 10 years ago

    If we all walked a little more and drove a little less, we'd be that much healthier, and happier! Love the idea of Main being a pedestrian street, if that is logistically possible (considering parking and traffic needs).

  • Joanne Romano - 10 years ago

    Ate at Bobby Q's Last night outside and it was great. Relaxing, fresh air and great waitstaff. There is plenty of parking in and around Main street that it shouldn't affect anyone's shopping/dining/walking experiences. We fully enjoyed our meal and then up on the roof for entertainment! Great idea! Maybe shut down Main Street to vehicle traffic on weekends and there would be a great family friendly place to go where you can relax and just enjoy!!!

  • nell - 10 years ago

    pop-and-shop and close traffic for this short strip !

  • cristina negrin - 10 years ago

    shame on you John Murray! I'm all for closing Main to traffic altogether! I remember when Main Street had 2 way traffic; what chaos that was when you've got a big truck coming your way! Or better still, behind someone who hasn't got a grasp on parallel parking!!

  • Ann Marie Flynn - 10 years ago

    Pop-up is great....Parker Harding to Main St. should not even be considered a walk. It would be great to sit outside, see the people traffic and enjoy fine food and a cool brew.

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