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  • Phil Brooks - 8 years ago

    I collect tough autographs of some of my favorite players and celebrities. Most of the cards in my personal collection are numbered to 5 or less, and almost all are numbered to 50 or less.

    I usually keep just one certified autograph of each person in my collection, although from time to time I'll get another without giving one up. For example, my favorite active quarterback is Drew Brees. I have a copy of his 2010 Allen and Ginter auto, which is on card, and depicts him holding his son as the confetti flies after his Super Bowl win. It might be the only card in my collection without a stated or published print run. I also have a Sweet Spot helmet autograph of his serial number 09/25 (matching his jersey number). I have tried more than once, but I just can't bring myself to part with either of these, putting him on a very short list of folks for whom I have more than one certified autographed card (Tony Dorsett, Ozzie Smith, Stan Musial, Actor Bruce Campbell).

    Also, sometimes I already have that "perfect" solo autograph, when I see a multiple-autographed card I just can't resist adding to my collection. Recently, I ran across a card on COMC I just had to have. It was the 2013 Topps Heritage real ones dual autograph of David Freese and Stan Musial, serial number 06 of 25 (matching Stan's jersey number). These are on card autographs, and, at the risk of seeming morbid, probably from the last time Stan signed anything for Topps before passing away. I just had to have it, but I can't bring myself to part with my other Stan autograph, which is also on card from another Topps product.

    Collecting has been a life-long passion for me, and when I graduated high school my personal collection had about 350,000 cards in it, including scores of complete sets, binders of hundreds of different cards of each of my favorite players from all sports, oddball stuff, you name it, it seems I was trying to get it.

    As I've become older, wiser, and more discerning, my personal collection is now down to around 100 cards, but they're all like the ones I've mentioned above. Now I find that not only do I enjoy my collection more (pretty much EVERY card I have, I absolutely cherish), but it's a lot easier to show to folks who want to see it. There's a story that goes with every card, and I tell it if they ask me to. I love what we do!

  • Steve Berebitsky - 8 years ago

    I collect Dallas Cowboy cards from 1960-2006 (I figured if I tried to keep up each year I would loose the farm, so I stopped at 2006). I currently own 8,746 of 29,500 cards. I have purchased approximately 1,000 of these cards on COMC.COM. I love it! Whenever I am in the mood to buy more cards, I hop online and see what is out there for me.

    I have a lot of great cards on my site and I ALWAYS consider every offer.

  • Markdaniels - 8 years ago

    Ah even though Jeff Gordan is a local boy in my area are you serious! You should've said Tom petty then you switched to dale sr then now your going with tony Stewart that would've been better!

  • I have a 1/75 flacco up on COMC it's a t supreme - 8 years ago

    I have a 1/75 joe flacco up on COMC.com user name 'mark Daniels' if your interested

  • Larry Bracey - 8 years ago

    I have collected Joe flacco since Delaware I have over 1100 variations of his cards I would like one of each

  • Charles E. Helvig - 8 years ago

    I used to collect Nascar Racing Sets, by the Company and Year, but that got terribly expensive.
    So I switched to one driver, Jeff Gordon, I have over 5300 different cards, 1991 to present.

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