How important is it to you that Amazon has an RSK with a physical keyboard?

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  • Marcia Raven - 9 years ago

    When my kindle keyboard ( 13 months old) stopped working and I called to order a new one I was told there were none.Five minutes later my SO ordered one on line and on May 10 for 139.00 I was shipped a new kindle keyboard. I noticed you posting that there were no new KK available. I double checked my order. It clearly states that it is new. I will follow up with Amazon about this issue.The KK that"broke" was never dropped but looks like it was cracked - has a stress starburst right where my thumb rests.
    Those of us that bought and love the $60.00 lighted case for the UK will be very unhappy if Amazon does stop selling it.I read and use text to speech every day! I have the first DX and years later it still works perfectly and I have the first generation and the 8.9 HD/3g fire.I love and use them all but nothing can take the place of the KK. This KK is the 25 kindle on my account and most of them are KK mostly because of text to speech and 3g.
    Thanks for all you have contributed to the Kindle forums.When people I am teaching(and preaching) about the Kindle ask me how I learned so much I always say "Bufo" !

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