Are black people to blame for same sex marriage not passing?

  • C-Moe - 9 years ago

    Don't think so, the people that vote are often really committed to their belief systems and vote that way. People who are religious, regardless of race, will often vote with their beliefs which is often anti-gay. Catholics, Mormons, Mennonites, Jehova's Witness, traditional Jews, and so on will all vote traditional marriage, as will blacks with strong Christian or Muslim faith. There are more white conservative Christians then blacks, and while black Christian aren't going to be voting equal rights for all soon, and they should, even if they did the numbers would still be greatly against the Gay and Lesbian community. I think things will change, but like civil rights for Blacks and Women it will take time. Thanks to you guys for your greatness in this podcasting game and keep up the great work.

  • Anthony "Animal Thug" Tatum - 9 years ago

    The Westboro Baptist Church is probably the most well known churches that is against gay rights. They are family of non black people and they really are aggressive with their anti-gay message. I don't feel comfortable pointing the finger at who is most homophobic group But if i did it would be old people. Going deeper into the question maybe black people are the blame because we are not voting as much as we can.

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