Who Should Be the Next Doctor Who?

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Poll posted 6 years ago.


  • Axel Dates - 6 years ago

    I want david tennant to come back he is a tremendously great actor and he plays the roll so perfectly

  • Scott Wilson - 6 years ago

    Hopefully someone better than Matt Smith! He was a disaster! Compared to the last 2 he ranks pretty close to the bottom. And getting a BAFTA , I expect grumpy kitty to be in the running.
    Doctor Who did not last 50 years to become such a soap opera. The new writers probably have a lot to do about that , but Matt Smith was too young and showed it. Woman or Man, hopefully they will get back to someone that is a serious actor . I have watched Doctor Who since the early 70's and saw 2 shows with Matt Smith and turned it off. I am praying for a good Doctor pick.

  • HEATHER - 6 years ago

    Benedict cumberbatch!!!!!!

  • cadavra - 6 years ago

    The Doctor needs to go back to being a cranky-but-lovable old guy in a scarf. Who better than Tom Conti?

  • Larry L. - 6 years ago

    Think out side the box,
    how about a previous doctor.
    Sylvester McCoy
    "Tom" Baker
    Never before regeneration.

  • John Nordlinger - 6 years ago

    Dave Tennant was the best doctor. Helen Mirren would be a great female doctor. Daniel Radcliffe would be interesting.

  • Rose Tyler - 6 years ago

    Could you please bring David Tennant back for the 8th season? He was the best doctor there ever was, especially paired with me.

  • Amanda - 6 years ago

    I believe a good option may be that kid from warm bodies. Or who ever can portray the doctor with the enthusiasm that the others have set up. But please no Rupert grint, all I see is Ron and that's not what I want for the doctor

  • Ron - 6 years ago

    I should be the next Doctor.

  • Chris - 6 years ago

    I'd like a bearded doctor

  • Isabella - 6 years ago

    Chef Ramsey.
    Chef Ramsey would be one of the best Doctors in the history of ever.

  • Siobhan - 6 years ago

    I totally agree with Matthew Lewis! He just looks like how I imagine the doctor!

  • Brandon - 6 years ago

    Matthew Lewis

  • Kristin - 6 years ago

    Paul Bettany!

  • Simon Brown - 6 years ago

    John Hurt would make a fantastic Dr Who if the BBC could afford him.

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