Should rich pensioners have their perks cut?

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  • Mike Kaye - 5 years ago

    In the main, I do agree with most, who point out the waste of benefits, on those that have contributed nothing!! There is a "but". All is not equal in a democracy and consequently, one can't expect to get everything out, that they have put in. I am not a rich pensioner, but even I wouldn't suffer if I lost my fuel allowance!! So if I could cope, surely the rich and super rich could manage without the £200 per year?? Maybe the surplus could then be passed on to those that "really" need it, NOT the work shy?? This is a system that would then create " care in the community" rather than today's ugly syndrome of greed, rights and "me me me"!!

  • Quentin Flange - 7 years ago

    That's right, Tone. Blame the migrants because you were too thick to go to university.

  • Tony Thornbury - 7 years ago

    I'm 62 and have been 'lucky' enough to have worked solidly since I left school at 16 and had no choice but to have paid PAYE taxes since then - now I look all around and see the bloated 'welfare' payments and benefits paid to many who have contributed bug**r all for years or in many cases never! Don't even start me on the 'economic migrants', so-called 'asylum seekers' and 'self-employed' Big Issue sellers! But the ruling elite (doesn't matter to me if they wear a Tory/Labour/LibDem badge) are now focusing in on universal benefits, many of which they will stop under the 'austerity' drive, whilst they themselves are 'minted' - but I forgot 'we're all in this together'. As my old Dad used to say - 'it's all so much mouth music'!

  • Benjamin Halliwell - 7 years ago

    Punish the prudent and fund the feckless! Punishing savers is perverse - it will encourage everyone to waste their money and then expect the state to provide for them in old age.

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