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Posted 6 years.


  • billrow - 6 years ago

    Eww evil racists saying bad things about a Will Smith movie.

    Give me a break. The economy is the toilet and taking the family to the movies is at least $60

    Why would I want to see another predictable, over the top CGI-fest with a bunch of self important black millionaires that I cannot relate to?

  • Ken - 6 years ago

    I just watched after earth, and I was very surprised, especially going by what the critics had been saying, I was expecting a complete waste of money, however I want to encourage everyone to go watch this movie, the so called bland acting was all in character, since this was a movie that emotion or fear was detrimental, jaden was very good in this movie, and I am a very tough critic I assure you. This focused on family values not on sex, cursing and nudity as we are used to in Hollywood
    I can understand the fear from Hollywood about this film, it is taking us back to quality movies and not trash dressed in color. Bravo will smith and hope you make more movies in future. And as for the critics, I feel your pain.

  • Gillian - 6 years ago

    I agree with the author in terms of the critics panning the movie due to racism. I liked the movie, I didn't love it but it kept my attention through to the end. I marveled at Will's ability to get White, mainstream America to view a blockbuster movie with a majority Black cast (hi-fiving Will).

    The acting was believable & at his age, Jaden has a long time coming to hone his craft. White America is merely disturbed & nettled by the influence & power or a Black man to make bold & transparent moves in a White arena... they will have no choice but to get over it.

  • Areyn - 6 years ago

    This article echoed my sentiments. I was prepared to thoroughly dislike this movie- even though the previews peaked my interest and made my heart beat a little faster in anticipation- but when I finally saw it, I enjoyed it. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Manging your fears so they wont destroy you, growing into your own, and seeking approval and validation from your father are all reoccurring themes in life. They are not unique to Scientiologist, no matter how much the media touts this as being the case.
    I am all for each individual being entitled to their own opinion. Love it or dislike it: you make your vote with your wallet. But where do the personal attacks come into it. Seriously, some of the articles and comments I have read are so vile, it just leaves me with a "what has the world come too" sense of bewilderment.

  • uche - 6 years ago

    I think the author of this article is wrong on a number of fronts. First, the movie was not good. PERIOD. Why should we settle for less? Just because some white folks make a bad movie and all their tribe people go see it, should we black folks do the same thing? Was the reason for our quest for freedom to simply ape white folks? Do we want to be like them? act like them? or look like them? (see michael jackson and beyonce) I hope not. I don't think Malcolm X would approve of our editorial efforts today. In closing, the movie after earth was not sabotaged by some crazed white folks. It was sabotaged by just being a poor movie. PERIOD.

  • Karen - 6 years ago

    It's a couple of things...they only let everyone get too big before they tear them down and the heights to which black folks are allowed to go are a bit lower...also, they're over exposed...and Jaden is only slightly more likeable than his sister Willow...because they seem to try a little too hard and seem a bit overindulged, and White America typically likes its nepotism conducted with a bit more subtlety so they can pretend its not really occurring, so to see it so obviously done annoys people. But the attacks are just what things Americans do to its celebrities...to one another... But we just get to it a little sooner and faster with Black prople. It's the nature of a society built on competition and inequality. Build them people up , tear them down, and be subconsciously irritated when people you think you're better than do better than you.

  • David - 6 years ago

    Love the fact that Will can exercise this level of influence in the movie industry... Come on people, history is full of white people exercising this kind of influence and promoting their no talent kids..... Remember the president..... Hmmmmm.

  • Eric - 6 years ago

    I loved the movie!!! Just wish WillmSmith did more!!!!

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