Do you think Ramer's school is right to punish her?

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Posted 6 years.


  • Tigz - 6 years ago

    Sorry Rhonda, it is the school that learned things the hard way.
    The girl not only got her diploma, she did not have to pay the fine.....
    The headmaster is now unemployed.

  • Ben TeWao - 6 years ago

    Rascist fucks

  • Leslie Meeker - 6 years ago

    It is just an eagle feather schoolboard. A feather from the national bird - what more could show that the sudent is proud of both her Indian heritage and of being an American. I think the student should get her diploma and not pay some stupid fine to some racist shoolboard money grubbing hater. She should be awarded a $1000.00 for being proud of who she is.

  • TMoth - 6 years ago

    @Guthrie......ummmm... What if the principal was black, the Vice Chinese, Librarian East Indian .... can we drop the "White Man" crap now? its 2013!!! These were Just uneducated Ignorant people who did an Ignorant thing to a First Nations person. The school was in the wrong.

  • karen - 6 years ago

    This is completely wrong I hope they do something about it she does not need to pay 1k or be denied her diploma!

    "It's graduation time, and I've been seeing a lot of goofy stories from around the country. Students getting in trouble for this or that. One guy was denied his diploma because he blew a kiss to his mother whilst walking the stage. Ridiculous. Anyhow, I saw a story recently about a part-Native American girl who put an eagle feather in her cap, against school rules. She was denied her diploma until paying a $1000 fine to the fucking school. What? So now the dumb story going around is a valedictorian of some South Carolina public high school, who tore up his valedictorian speech and began reciting the "lord's prayer" instead, and talking about his religious upbringing. This sparked "wild applause and cheers" by the crowd. The district has said that no disciplinary action will be taken.

    Now, I don't think any disciplinary action is needed. I don't agree with prayer in general, because I think it's dumb. But the guy doesn't need a punishment for saying "Screw the man" and reading his little poem. But this just adds to how fucking insane it is to punish that other girl for a FEATHER in her cap. And extorting $1000 out of her in the meantime? It's deplorable. It's a different school in a different district in a different state. I'm not suggesting these stories are connected in any tangible way.

    It's just frustrating to me that when reading these two stories side by side, it comes across as "Hey you Indian, stop expressing your culture! This is no place for your savagery. No diploma for you, and now you owe me money for some reason! Oh, hey Christian kid, you weren't supposed to be inciting prayer at this event. Ahh well, whattya gonna do? You little skamp, hehehe."" -from reddit user GeneralMalaiseRB

  • Theresa Grimes - 6 years ago

    Muslim girls keep their head covered to respect their culture and to suggest this is any different is foolish. I hope the school receives all kinds of negative media coverage and is successfully sued to bring to light the continued discrimination of Native Americans. I am Blackfoot/Cherokee.

  • Rhonda - 6 years ago

    I think it is great that she wanted to show her heritage but she should have listened to authority regarding the matter. You can not do everything just because you want to in life. She is finding this out the hard ways.

  • LaRahn Guthrie - 6 years ago

    Right out of the WTF colum . White man still wanting to kick the only people in America who has a right to be here in the ass. These asshole will never learn . STAND STRONG MY SISTER.

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