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The Hair Tong Conundrum (Poll Closed)

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  • Helen - 11 years ago

    I would say you need to do whatever makes you happy - I voted for the hair tongs - but it is what make's you feel happy, feel good about yourself and makes you feel alive.

    I firmly believe that if the battle is worth winning, then it is worth fighting... and have learnt up my journey that you need to fight larger so you are happy with the compromise that follows..... so get out the facepaint and once you spend the day face painted as a pig complete with a nose ring, with beautiful curled locks.... you might win this battle.... as you can compromise by taking off the facepaint and the curls will be a delightful return to something almost normal :)

    There is one condition though - we need photos of the facepaint - otherwise it wont work!

  • Yvonne Melia - 11 years ago

    Hello Sister, how I laughed at your blog! Can I change my vote please? I vote keep using them and don't mention it next time, maybe just around the house at first until he stops noticing. Remember (back to the war reference), careless talk costs lives. We hope you had a lovely day anyway, sorry I am so hopeless with birthday cards, we LOVE your Disney Princess curls and think you look beautiful (especially Eliza). Love xxx

  • Juliana Carson - 11 years ago

    Oh you made me smile ! ( Happy Belated Birthday, by the way !! ) You can keep the hair irons and use them again - but the response from the boys will be the same - if nothing else - they are consistant !! It is a bit of a bugger when we try anything new, even if i change the fabric softener - i get a lecture. Nothing must change - not my perfume, fashion, shoes, furniture - even the loo paper must be the same !!! But - i love reading your blogs, you just say what we all think - in your own way, and makes our wierd and wonderful lives feel normal !

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