Do you think the daycare has a right to let Short go?


  • chris - 10 years ago

    the church has the responsibility to follow their own rules. unwed pregnancy is not a moral behavior you want the church to condone if you are paying for the church to instill the morals in your children. this is not a public corporation. the rules are well defined. she has a right to be an unwed mother and they have the right to not have someone with the belief that it is alright teaching their children.

  • Denise Richardson - 10 years ago

    Unfortunately by law any company has ´╗┐the right to let an employee go for no reason at all. This is how it works in the south. When you get hired you sign a paper something to the effect of no reason clause so at any given time sad to say they can and will do as they choose. It may not be right in our eyes but by law its right & remember you sign the agreement.

  • TL - 10 years ago

    The Bible says judge not . How you expect to be a church of God discriminating agenst others. Only God himself is perfect. This draws people away from the church and to be truthful some people of the church needs to get there self together. Most of them are undercover as well. Maybe they should post a Singh outside saying ....married siners and couples only who had children why married please join us for services. Probably married people in the church now sleeping with the decodes and paster...OH BUT WHO AM I TO JUDGE I'M NOT GOD. ASHAMED.

  • Atheist - 10 years ago

    This country is so f**ked up because of this bible thumping idiots. Georgia is a backwards thinking racist ..confederate flag flying state....what do u expect from them.

  • Atheist - 10 years ago

    This country is so f**ked up because of this bible thumping idiots. Georgia is a backwards thinking racist ..confederate flag flying state....what do u expect from them.

  • GW - 10 years ago

    Why is it we always want to water down the Truth of the Scriptures? When we make a decision to accept JESUS as our Saviour, we by the Power of the Holy Spirit have a Spiritual and Moral Responsibility to strive to live Holy. We know that Romans 3:23 says "For all have sinned......, but read Romans 6...."She we continue in sin"?......I don't care where you work, EVERY work place has a Standard of how they will Conduct Business, and what will be Tolerated. That's the problem with the world now, nobody wants to be Responsible or Accountable. Once she found out that she was pregnant, and not willing to immediately marry, SHE should have submitted her own resignation, not waited to be fired, and definately not be willing to sue anybody except her own crazy self. You tell me, what kind of Church who wants to be known for Teaching and Obeying the Word of GOD, would allow such foolishness???......Remember, we all will have to stand before GOD and give an account.....Romans 14:12. After she Confesses and Repents to GOD, I wish her the Best........But don't try and make a Mockery of GOD and HIS Word!!! ;)

  • Eric Farrington - 10 years ago

    The daycare has the right to keep employed who they feel fits their profile. Now firing her on the grounds of being unmarried with baby on the way shows their lack of God's Grace.

  • San - 10 years ago

    I think it is fine, just as long as they fire everyone else who has ever lied, stole, coveted their neighbor's belongings, fornicated, committed adultery, not helped the poor, etc. Then of course they would have to close down the school, because ALL have sinned and fallen short. Her sin is more visible but all sin is wrong in God's eyes, and yet God is the first to forgive. A Christian school should be all about love. Was this an act of love???

  • BLJ Belle - 10 years ago

    Considering she was working in a Christian based preschool that was run by the church one can understand where the church is coming from. The firing was quite harsh considering the pay raises and other perks she received for progressing in her field. I personally feel that one has to be mindful of where you are working and whats required across the board. We settle for too much in our society. Regardless of the firing doesn't you child deserve two parents. True although they may separate and go separate ways we have seen to often our children deprived of good examples at home regularly. A mom can raise a good son and he can learn from extended family (males) how to be a man but its nothing like growing up with a mother and father who are a unit. She deserves her job back and pain and suffering but we as a society need to stop cheating ourselves out a good supportive spouse. If they arent willing scratch that itch with protection as your rider and choose someone worthy of your goodness.

  • Nc - 10 years ago

    As a person that has grown up in Church, I do believe that it is wrong to turn her away. They may have lost a soul that day. That could have been a test for them as Christians. For a church to turn their back on a sinner seems very hypocritical to me.

  • Imosoreal - 10 years ago

    Okay so this is a church based business, then remember the role of the church is to open the door to Jesus for all who have sinned and fall short -- that sounds like everybody to me. She should take their azzes to court for failing to adhere to their role as a church! As a single mother she will definitely need the church although it looks like the church represented here is casting themselves as judge over this young woman's life. What about those on staff who've had abortions? And those who gossip, backbite and sow discord? Especially those whose sins you can't see. This makes no sense at all!

  • Od - 10 years ago

    She is not the only sinner

  • Sage - 10 years ago

    You people are idiots. Like you live a perfect life and have a nerve to judge someone else.

  • mazh - 10 years ago

    Every institution be it a church, university, place of business etc has their own set of laws/decrees which are supposed to be strictly upheld and adhered to by anyone who chooses to be involved with them. In this particular case these rules obviously long stood before this lady joined this institution and they will still stand even long after she leaves the place so I believe she has no right to try and alter these to fit her personal specifications. when in Rome do as the Romans. Thumbs up to the relevant authorities for sticking to the morals of your denomination and not altering them to fit in with the opinion of the modern world.

  • Tracey - 10 years ago

    If they let her go for sinning, then they need not ever open their doors again. There's only one perfect living person, and His name is Jesus. Romans 3:23 "For ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God." Doesn't matter what this woman does in her personal life. Those kids could care less if she's married or not.

  • Kendall - 10 years ago

    What in the world did she expect to happen. If people wanted to send their children to a school with no standards, they would not have them enrolled in a Baptist Daycare. She has a responsibility to uphold a standard and set a good example for the lives she is charged with molding. She should have resigned without being told

  • Lorraine Swain - 10 years ago

    I feel since this was a religious based day care she should have lived up to the standards of the church. she should not be surprised that she was let go. If people do not stand up for morals of the church then who will

  • Amy - 10 years ago

    She's works for a Baptist daycare. She should be expected to uphold the tenets of the faith of the business she works for. Also, Georgia is a right-to-work state; she can be fired for any reason whatsoever. Kudos to the administration for sticking up for morals.

  • Cw - 10 years ago

    She worked for a faith based business. What did she expect and what example is she giving? Poor role model.

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