Who won this time?

  • da_ticklah - 9 years ago

    Rhett is on team sword so she looses, as in she will loose her freedom after she uses a sword to help someone loose an arm or a leg because their under armour wasn't fitting quite right.

  • HC - 9 years ago

    Rhett was winning big. I was about to take an ill-advised mirror pic of me in a wife beater and send it to her, telling her we go together...until she advocated swordplay. A single tear rolled down my cheek like Denzel in Glory as I voted for Lamonte.

  • Justin P - 9 years ago

    Rhett was lookin good so she wins. That's it. N I heard a lot of respect for the katana in her voice.

  • E. Long - 9 years ago

    She talked way too much about men wearing under armor.....Where does she get off. Speaking od gertting off. Hi Rod ;)

  • ProfessLCH - 9 years ago

    I swear on my life: the first time I listened to this episode is when I was in line at a drive-thru window ... BEHIND A COP CRUISER.

    In fact?

    Cops, in and out of cruisers, were all OVER the place, like vermin. Every time I turned my head or shifted my eyes? They were THERE.

    Of course, it was high noon, aka, lunch time Chow Hour where I was located and there are a TON of drive-thrus, fast, and other convenient food establishments all 'round.

    I had to try THEE hardest not to make eye contact. Truth of the matter is that as a former prosecutor, I'm probably one of the least cop-friendly persons formerly of that profession. I OFTEN offer them blank or "dehumanizing stares" and aggressively dismiss their presence where possible. Now, I'm nice and give propers when I see them SERVING (vs. oppressing). So, the LONE state trooper who manned the early poll at my father's voting location -- who, I admit: I mean-mugged while driving by him -- got my thanks and praise, based on his service and polite management of such a large crowd with special needs.

    But, I was MAD, yung, listening to Lamonte's opening "bars." MAD. If one of those many lunching cops had so much as looked at me crazily? Luckily for me, I guess, they were hungry, deciding among Chick Fil-A, Buffalo Wild Wings, Panera, Chipotle, Elevation Burger, etc., etc., etc...

    It helped to know that Lamonte had partaken of "Jah's Blissful Botanicals" before the jerk cops rolled up; it felt like SOME "get back" was had, as he triumphed on some low-level of criminality, lol. And thank GOODNESS folks who see how awful some of these cops can be show up and stand up. That helps throw off the worst of 'em and diffuse a situation.


  • TerriLiv - 9 years ago

    Lamonte's rant during the Guess the Race segment made him the winner. I wanted to stand up and do the slow clap. Plus, we can't reward Rhett for promoting sword ratchetness!

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