Who is the greatest quarterback in Indianapolis Colts history?


  • Ol' Rooter - 10 years ago

    Gary Hogeboom dangit!

  • Italian Bruce - 10 years ago

    Hey Dan Coll, Your the ignorant one. We are talking INDY colts, not including Baltimore days my friend. Probably makes a tad more sense now doesnt it?!

  • Dan Coll - 10 years ago

    How can John Unitas not be on this list?
    You all must be ignorant of all football facts.
    Manning should be recognized as the best
    modern day QB, but only because the game has
    changed. The others on the list couldn't carry
    Unitas's jock strap. How about Bert Jones?
    He would be third on my list. Been a diehard
    Colts fan since 1957. Win or Lose!!!

  • AL - 10 years ago

    Who's this guy named OTHER

  • Stefan - 10 years ago

    how could it be anything other than P-Money

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