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  • Mary - 4 years ago

    Elephants are endangered so mention of ivory keys should mention this

  • Jeffrey scher - 5 years ago

    I deplore the use of ivory. I feel that the plastics and resins used for keys are most certainly acceptable I have no problem if someone takes ivory keys from old an old piano to use as replacements There is no need to kill or name and deform an animal. I love piano and it will always remain the crown jewel even without the ivory

  • Donna Mansfield - 6 years ago

    Shame on any piano maker which makes piano keys from ivory!!!!!! We MUST stop the killing and mutilation of elephants on this planet!! As a concert pianist, I used to judge a piano by its ivory keys - and refused to play on one if it did not have ivory keys. However - I am now educated - and discerning. And I have learned to play on plastic keys, which actually is not good either, since plastics are made from fossil fuel/oil. Hopefully, some day, a material will be used which won't involved killing of animals or destroying our planet. In the meantime, discourage the use of ivory keys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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