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Which truck do you drive the most in Euro Truck Simulator 2? (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 20,174

  • luis gustavo - 9 years ago

    Eu, na minha opinião a gente tem que andar é de Volvo e scania. Não é desfazendo dos outros mas acho melhor volvo e scania. Porem minha frota é volvo e scania

  • josevolvoalpoder¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ - 10 years ago

    volvo es mi camión favorito . yo voto por el

  • volvoPOWER - 10 years ago

    Volvo has the best power, and i feel that's the most important thing. And that's why i hate Daf.

  • Maкс - 10 years ago

    Все грузовики замечательные и игра отличная. Спасибо за игру.

  • Q.R.A Sem Juizo njs - 10 years ago


  • Cesar - 10 years ago

    Prefiro o Volvo, o ronco do motor é muito legal. Alguem sbe como aumentar a velocidade neste jogo, não consigo passar de 90 km por hora. abs.

  • Alex Beserra - 10 years ago

    EU dirijo um volvo , de vez em quando pego alguns trabalhos extras só para testar outros modelos....

  • Driver097 - 10 years ago

    I like the scania but it's grip is awful. it slides or overturns in almost all curves and intersections...

  • Brendan - 10 years ago

    I usually drive the volvo but not fond of the engine choice on this game so i now go between a R560 6x2 unit ir an R440 6x2 i hope to see better volvo engines and sideskirts available for 6x2 units!!

  • Tony - 10 years ago

    I prefer to drive Scania 6*2, and I really hope to see official side skirts for all 6*2 and 6*4 models!

  • BigBadTrucker - 10 years ago

    I like a lot of trucks. I drive five of my 37 at the moment - Renault Premium 460, Renault Magnum 520, Man TGX 680, Scania R730 Longline, and Scania Stax 620. They're all great for different reasons - maneuverability, power, acceleration, torque, handling etc. Sometimes it's hard to choose what truck to drive!

  • Matthew - 10 years ago

    I have always driven a Volvo. because 1.of the cabin display and 2. the 820 horse power (the realist physics mod) . I have 1000 or so km on all the other trucks and the only one that comes close is the scania. If any of the developers are reading this I want to know why the Volvo is so low down? when I go to a rest stop in a city I always get 1-5% damage and I am only going 5-15km/h. when I drive any other truck I can go a lot faster and I don't take damage. Because of this I am thinking of changing truck :(

  • Jeff Johannessen - 10 years ago

    Scania R730. It gives the best power and speed of any of the other trucks.
    I used to use the Man TGX, and even though it isn't on par with the Scania, it has the current speed in digital on the in-cabin display, which pretty much sold me.
    One the new Iveco cab comes out I'll switch to it because it looks and drives really well.

  • knox_xss - 10 years ago

    Renault Magnum

  • reflex - 10 years ago

    Scania R730 the best ever made in history of trucks

  • One Blood - 10 years ago

    I drive with Volvo VNL 780 and my father with Peterbilt 379 so we both have truck with nose :)

  • Wanker - 10 years ago

    DAF XF is da best!

  • Lumpi - 10 years ago

    I go with the Scania, because it is the only one with Euro6 engines available.

  • Vagiclean - 10 years ago

    I drive the Peterbilt 387. It's real challenge to drive it in cities because of the "nose" in front of the cabin and it has much bigger steering radius.

  • Vagiclean - 10 years ago

    I drive the Peterbilt 387. It's real challenge to drive it in cities because of the "nose" in front of the cabin and it has much bigger steering radius.

  • Mitko - 10 years ago

    DAF XF very nice truck i love it :)

  • Radu george - 10 years ago

    I like the scania but i really love the man tgx v8 680bhp it just drives well and i hate the volvo its a poor truck from my experiece..

  • oq37 - 10 years ago

    I always go to Iveco. Beautiful, original car and not very common. I do not like when things go on the same truck.

  • elias - 10 years ago

    vcs deveriam optar por colocar novos modelos de caminhões no jogo,adicionar manutenção na propria garagem, adicionar alguns trechos no mapa com muita subidas e descidas, com algumas partes de estradas de terra simulando alguns atoleiros,como é aqui no brasil na vida real de alguns motorista de caminhão.adicionar chassis 6x4 e 6x2 em todos os modelos de caminhões.

  • Jeean-Phillip - 10 years ago

    Mostly I drive a Scania R 680 as 4x6x4, becouse it is just driving great. I love this tortous roard in the Swiss, it's just a indescribable feeling !!

  • gildo - 10 years ago

    Eu sempre optei amei dirigir o FH16, porque eu acho muito massa o Globetrotter porque, na minha região é uma região onde cruzam carretas para o porto. E em sua maioria são volvos fh 12. é coisa muito cuiuda esses cavalinhos se vcs olharem de perto na realidade. eu jogo que mudam de cavalinho no ets2 depois que verem um fh na vida real de perto.........kkkkkk

  • Dac - 10 years ago

    = VOLVO =

  • scania970 - 10 years ago

    I drive mostly a Renault Magnum Route 66, and I'm happy with it.

  • MrE - 10 years ago

    Mostly I drive the Renault Magnum with a chassi mod (6x4), but I also like the Volvo FH16 an the DAF FX.

  • Emre Akkuş - 10 years ago

    others truck: Mercedes-Benz Travego

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