Xbox One or PS4?


  • lester carson - 9 years ago

    Microsoft changed there policies but honestly I think the damage has been done its time for playstation to take its place as king of the consoles because they actually care for there consumers unlike didn't change its policies out of concern they changed them because they were getting crushed by the amount of people switching to ps4 ...serves them right.PS4 WILL OUTSELL XBOX ONE

  • PS4 Fan - 9 years ago

    I think it's an obvious choice.. Sure alot of people are gonna choose Xbox One, And I don't mind that, But alot of people here Used their head and thought of prices and restrictions.

  • jamesw2965 - 9 years ago

    Though I hate Microsoft with all my heart, the gaming console I'm choosing in the Xbox One. But they will hear loads of complaints from me. I in no way support there restrictions nor understand their point of view for making them. But I suspect that when the xbox One sales don't do as well as the PS4 they will rescind the restrictions.

  • Derrick - 9 years ago

    I switched from PlayStation to Xbox because more features and dashboard, even though I had to pay for online. I was really wanting to get the new xbox,but after the review, fuck Xbox I'm going back to PlayStation when the new one drop, and advise everyone else to do the same, let them have the controlled crap!

  • Joel Z - 9 years ago

    Uh. PC?
    Just kidding.
    But definitely sticking with Sony, they just seem to actually care about what the customer wants, and I like that in a company.

    Fuck you, Microsoft. t(-.-t)

  • Brandon - 9 years ago

    The questionable specs of the new XboxOne are enough for me to say I'm staying away. But will reserve some judgment for the PS4, and see how that goes. I'm just chilling with PC Gaming for a bit, my emulators keep me more interested than these consoles as of late

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