Is technology changing our social interactions?

  • Chris wood - 9 years ago

    My dilemma...answering this poll was tricky. Yes, I feel that I am more connect "because" of technology not "through" it. I am not convinced that socially, technology is helping me in any way, as it seems to make my own cave dweller more stubborn, if that's possible. Sure, it's true that since I have moved across the country away from my ENTIRE family, I am relying on technology to keep in touch and without it I would feel more isolated and out of touch than I do with it. However, I also use it as a crutch! Instead of a phone call that will last 30 minutes or a have awkward moments of silence, I can send a text (a one up on the instant gratification of email) and the conversation can last 30 seconds or 30 minutes, but without interrupting the rest of my still busy life. For those my age (40 something's), we didn't have the time when work and home were separate. We grew up inventing, spearheading and colonizing the work/home hybrid. Cave Dweller sees technology as it was sold to them as providing more "free time", where technology allow for less "work" as it streamlines business. I will admit there is less of that work to be done. But now work can reach me anytime of the day or night. Instead of the boss having an idea (11pm) on how to decrease the delivery time on project and sending a memo the next morning with the expectation of a full discussion by noon. They send an email at 11:30 pm and expect answers no later than first thing in the morning. The technology that has made our live easier have also made them more stressful. Likewise, I believe that it is a result of the hybrid my generation created that instigated the creation of communication methods much less interactive than email. This hybrid meant that like the handwritten letter it was going to be and ongoing conversation, but who has time. So instead of talking back and forth with a few people, how about I post what I am doing, "my status" in a given moment for everyone I know to see! If they are interested they can tell me if not they can ignore me. Can you sense the decline in awkward silence? Me either, now I am not sure if my post went unnoticed, there is a technical problem or is ply no one cares. Ok so I'll increase the people I interact with (friend) and add another method where I can only say a few words instead of a whole status and I'll make this one public...chirp, chirp. Crap, still nothing! So, now I'm wasting even more of the "free time" worrying about whether or not there is something wrong with what I typed. "Cld da prob b that my mess was 2 cryptic & no1 got da pic?" Better idea...I'll send a Picture and a short caption! That will tell the whole story and I can send it to all three places, surely that will help...everyone knows a picture is worth a thousand words...Right?

    My point is that I now "keep in touch" with far more people than ever, gypsie family growing up long story! But I really don't feel any more connected than before...except to my boss that is! Oh wait...I solved that problem too...I became my own boss...wait...crap now I don't even get the email I just start the research at 11:30pm! Anybody sleep lately?

    Bottom line, Call your Mom if you can be there to hug her and that goes for Dad too, especially with Father's Day tomorrow! Oh and Brother love hearing from their sisters, even with the awkward silence! That's another gift ushered in by my generation...does anyone younger than me even know what long distance phone charges are?


    Chris Wood

  • Carrie Wood - 9 years ago

    I think technology has made us less interactive with people. I think because people (friends/loved ones) were not as accessible we would spend more physical time with them rather than time with them in front of the computer or on face time. Talking with someone on the phone only goes so far with connecting or actually feeling like your connected with someone. I remember going to friends houses more often when I did not see them as much because I wanted to see them and talk. Now I can turn on Facebook and see their faces and find out everything that has been going on with them. I think that is the younger generation's version of friendship, love, relationships, and interaction with each other. To them your not really in a relationship until you change your status in Facebook. I think we should spend a little more time in the presence of real people rather than texting and face timing.

  • Barbara Tate - 9 years ago

    Finally had to get the Internet because of my writing. Publishing has changed so much I had to do something if I wanted to keep up--but I did it kicking and screaming. Now I'm just screaming and crying on how to do things.

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