What's your position on prostitution?

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  • tiffany267 - 9 years ago

    Thanks for posting this poll. I think it's critical that we begin thinking about the so-called sex trade as what it is - legalized rape. It is painfully obvious that if women wanted to sleep with the creeps who would pay for sex then they would do so consensually. The notion that a person's bodily autonomy is up for sale runs in complete contradiction to everything libertarians and rational people hold dear. It's slavery. And worse yet it's condoning assault. Unfortunately, this blatant truth is deliberately disguised by the moral majority who take one of two main approaches to the problem: (1) the government in its infinite greed and thuggery arresting the WOMEN i.e. the victims and (2) libertarians who are typically MALE asserting that prostitution is somehow consensual by nature and that men have a right to pay their way into someone else's vagina. It's sick. And unfortunately while most of your content is outstandingly sensible I would have appreciated an option on your poll that reads: Arrest the rapists and make them compensate the victims for the risk they are put in.

    I think you might be interested in another relevant concern related to the prostituting of women - the fact that since women are precisely dehumanized by these men they are therefore also seen as unimportant to police and therefore have no protection from the very people whose job it is to protect their rights. This problem leads to severe consequences. http://tiffany267.wordpress.com/2013/07/11/getting-off-easy-how-prostitutes-became-the-new-expendables

    Thanks again for this poll. I hope you will consider my thoughts.

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