Do you think Zdeno Chara would intend to re-injure Sidney Crosby's jaw?

Posted 6 years.


  • Vicki - 6 years ago

    I think Zdeno Chara is the dirtiest player in the NHL. He is a mutant freak who cannot skate for shit and he uses his enormous stick for the incompetancies he has as a player, he does not deserve to play at that level and he is a coward that dodges all hits keeping his elbows high to catch real sized men in the head area...I wish that Scott Stevens still played in th NHL because that is one player who would set him straight on the ice.

  • CR - 6 years ago

    The Penguins are a classless organization. "We sucked against Boston, so let's not focus on our failures and blame everything on one Chara 'punch'". Worried about dirty play? Then why do you have Cooke?? If Chara was truly classless as some suggest, he would have rag-dolled Crosby and put him in a coma. If you are truly worried about his jaw, why would you take off the cage?? If there was an NHL award for whiners, Crosby wins hands-down. The Penguins just don't like the fact that Sid didn't get his usual preferential treatment from the refs. Like he has never cross checked or hit anyone after the play. Whatever. Use your golf towel to wipe away your tears. You want to be 'Sid the kid'? Don't play against men!

  • bents - 6 years ago

    Crosby didn't stop complaining all series. He got we he deserved. enough said!

  • William Eady - 6 years ago

    Crosby is holding Chara and spent too much time complaining instead of playing his game. If you get your nose in the middle of stuff then you take a risk, Chara is actually trying to get away from Crosby who has hold of his jersey. Pittsburg scored 2 goal in 4 games- they have nobody to blame for their failure but themselves

  • Chris K - 6 years ago

    Chara is a big goof, he has no respect for the game.

  • BENG - 6 years ago


  • Marion - 6 years ago

    I have been watching hockey for years and have always loved the game since a very young girl but am saddened at where the game is going . It is sad that there is so much violence in the game these last few years . It doesn't look like it will get better when we condome all the violence . I don't care who your favorite team is there is no excuse to delibertly try to injure another player no matter what team he is on and if you do or do not like the player. We are ruining hockey when we delibertly try to injure another player . Would you want your sons or daughters doing this to an opposing player ? Then why would you condome someone else doing it ?

  • Bettylou - 6 years ago

    I dont think Chara meant to hurt his jaw again but none the less he had no right to punch him in the face. Whether he intentionally meant to or not he could have. I think Chara is a big brute who shouldnt even being playing hockey he should stick to basketball. But wait oh ya if he played basketball they all be his size and god forbid he play with his own size.

  • bob - 6 years ago

    If crosby has a sore jaw then perhaps he should keep it shut. If he is jawing with some of the bruins such as chara then what does he expect? I would do the same thing if I were chara. Crosby is a mouthy whining baby and chara gave him what he deserved. Sit down and shut up crosby. Or go out there and play like the superstar you think you are. Hockey is a contact sport, if you don't like it then consider a career in ping pong or spelling bee. Nhl is no place for whining whoosies.

  • Dean again :) - 6 years ago

    Aw Techie33.I'm a radiologist so i already make millions so I don't leech off of welfare or sit in front of my computer all day long .... geek ... now back to the issue .... be glad soft sid that you didn't play back in the 70s ... one shift against the Flyers or the Big Bad Bruins and you would have been carted off on a stretcher never to return ... now go home little boy and call bettman .... Maybe there's an opening in Stars On Ice for whiny losers ......

  • Devon - 6 years ago

    If I were on the ice with Wendel Clark, Scott Stevens, Chara ect...I would stay the fuck away from them! What is Sidney doing in the scrums with these big tough dudes if he's worried about his jaw and big pink lips. I admit Chara can be a prick and likely meant it but as I said...if It were me with a glass jaw...Id be watching the scrum...not in the middle of it.

  • Dean O - 6 years ago

    There is absolutely no question that Chara punched Crosby in the jaw specifically and deliberately. Chara's an undeniably great hockey player but he's also clearly morally bankrupt dirt bag who will do ANYTHING, in the heat of the moment, to win. I'm not a huge Crosby fan but it's too bad there wasn't a Semenko type player around to exact proper punishment. Oh, for the good old days.

  • Nick - 6 years ago

    Crosby is a snake in the grass. If he was so worried about his tender jaw, he should wear a full face visor, if he is so worried about his teeth then don't go messing with Chiara. It's time someone tell Crosby man up or get out.

  • mark - 6 years ago

    hey john, how did the ref's not allow Crosby,Malkin and the rest of them to not score.
    they had power plays and opportunity to shoot and score just like Boston did.
    instead of whining they should admit they were beat by a better team, and try to get better and try to beat them next year. as for Crosby...if his jaw was a factor...why did he take the guard try and be a man that's they are sounding like a bunch of whiny little boys making up any excuse to hide the fact they "DONT HAVE A GOOD ENOUGH GOALTENDER"

  • joe - 6 years ago

    It is called HOCKEY not PATTY CAKES! Of course he did it on purpose.

  • Roscoe - 6 years ago

    I'm sure if there were really anything to this Buttman and the NBC-TV Crosby fan club would've been right on it. Gotta protect the Golden Boy. Pierre and Edzo would've been whining for the rest of the series if it really happened.

  • Fred - 6 years ago

    Ask Patcheretti if Chara deliberately tries to injure players. Then ask Eller if he thinks someone hit him to injure him. Now Crosby, also in game one. You might almost think it is a Boston strategy. Take out a key player in game 1 of a series to win it.

  • techie33 - 6 years ago

    @ Dean, Your just jealous that he's making millions and you're not. Typical Sydney-hater you are. he's playing hockey and your not dumbass. he's making millions while your sitting on your ass collecting your welfare check like the sad little worthless kid you are. I enjoy the fact that he's making millions makes you complain about him 'not being a professional hockey player' hahaha you clearly know nothing of the sport or its players. GO back to your mom's basement and keep sucking on that titty

  • john christie - 6 years ago

    Chara is a coward . Nothing but a 7 foot thug. Shows his true form picking himself up after been knocked down.He obviously falls hard.Hit the Jerk ,keep hitting the idiot.No need in not playing Leaf like.Boston would never have survived that series without the refs.

  • Dean - 6 years ago

    Oh poor baby, got hit ... waaaaaaa. Call the FBI and the CIA.Be glad sid that Chara didn't take your head off. If you can't handle playoff hockey then leave and go join icecapades. Maybe if you would have played harder instead of skating in cicles whining to the refs you would have made the series a bit closer. Now go home, play golf and leave hockey to the professionals ....

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