What Are You Using Your Camera For?


  • Rick - 11 years ago

    It all depends on which camera I have out.

  • John - 11 years ago

    Arrrrrrg; video be the work of Satan!

  • Mia - 11 years ago

    Still but I have mess w the video side of my dslr n likedd it. But I prefer still.

  • Giovanni The - 11 years ago

    I use my camera mostly for stills, but if need arise I use it for video as well.

  • Craig - 11 years ago

    My camera only does stills.
    I got a semi-decent video camera before my first child was born, planning on sending videos to the grand-parents occasionally. Now, 8+ years later, no videos have been sent. Given the choice I always pick up my SLR to get stills, so the video camera rarely comes out at all.
    Perhaps if my SLR did video as well, I might take the occasional video.

  • Platypus_Avenger - 11 years ago

    Both. Kinda dumb to use a dslr for only video. Besides my job requires both, though leaning more heavily on video (doc filmmaker for missions organization)

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