Should Lil Wayne Pay Time for This Crime?

  • cosaundra - 9 years ago

    we need to worry about the bigger picture zimmerman getting away with murder

  • US ARMY VETERAN - 9 years ago

    Throw that bastard in prison!!! Too many men have fought and died for our flag which represents the freedoms we so take for granted.

  • Jose Gomez - 9 years ago

    Lil Wayne should be made liable for his mistakes. Even if it is not with jail time but with some sort of punishment. I understand he is human and we all make mistakes but mistakes come with consequences. There are a lot of people out there who have fought for that flag and some have died for it. He needs to show respect to those people who have kept our freedom even if he does have anti government views. What he beleives is wrong with the governement is not any of the soldiers fault who fought for that flag. Most of the recruits are people who have no where else to turn to and decide to enlist to make something of themselves. Lil Wayne has enough money to move out of this country if he really does not like what is going on here, unlike the rest of us. I have been a fan of Lil Wayne since the beginning of cash money but I am very disappointed because of this. I am a Army veteran who served in Baghdad, Iraq and I am offended because I have lost friends who have fought for that flag. I am now debating if I should keep on supporting him after this.

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