Would you try watermelon Oreos?


  • Evo_08 - 9 years ago

    Nah and not cuz of the racist tone of the cookies. It just doesn't sound like it would taste good.

  • Chuck Spears - 9 years ago

    Watermelon is a taste that doesn't seem like it would work with baked goods, but I'm interested to see what the magicians at Nabisco can do with it. What I foolishly looked for in my younger days was the Watermelon Tic-Tac that Posdnous talked about in "Afro-Connection" on De La Soul is Dead. I never found it, but I imagine it to be the planets only hope for salvation, because obviously it would be that good.

  • Redbone Sonya - 9 years ago

    Watermelon is nasty to me so no, but( in my baby dee voice) them neapolitan golden Oreos is the shit!!! Like a utopian glitter sprinkled heavenly cunalingus experience on cloud 9.9, (in my bernie mac voice) good lawd ha-mercy! I just came. I spilled my milk, love y'all bye :)

  • ProfessLCH - 9 years ago

    Just wanted to co-sign the show's understanding that "contempt of court is a THING." Attorneys who had cases before the judge would joke about being "stepped back" (that is, taken into custody through the door in custody defendants entered and exited through -- with marshals) for arguing with the judge WHILE DOING OUR JOBS. And in a courtroom where the judge was known to be vindictive and MAD? It didn't happen often; however, it was a REAL concern of the lawyers, INCLUDING the prosecutors, i.e., representatives of THE GOVERNMENT. :o/

    No crimes need to be committed (contrary to the assertion of a few Tweets I saw). NOPE. Offending the sensibilities of the PRESIDING officer who RUNS that particular courtroom is ALL it takes. ALL. It's random; there are few hard-and-fast rules; it's not uniform across judges; it's not even clear what'll trigger a contempt ruling from day-to-day from the SAME judge.

    So, yeah: play if ya' wanna with a judge in his/her courtroom.

  • justin p - 9 years ago

    yes! i wants it! i'll try anything once except anal

  • NicJu - 9 years ago

    I don't think it's racist they just sound nasty to me.

  • Anthony "Animal Thug" Tatum - 9 years ago

    I think cookie technology might out weigh racism for me, Along with nothing catches my eye more than a product that says new on it. I just want to try it .

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