Name the Mystery Person

Posted 6 years.


  • Jennie - 6 years ago

    At first glance you would never think it was Rob or Katy! If you compare pictures you will see that the nose, chin, and skin is not the same. They are actors and it is very easy to wear a disguise! Just something to think about! Rob and Kristen have worked very hard to keep their privacy! They know how to " punk" the paparazzi and tabloids! Good for them!

  • Monroe - 6 years ago

    I can actuall tell you who those mystery person(s) are: the first few pictures show Allanah Campion. Someone that hung out with Kristen frequently. You should be able to recognize her by now. The third picture shows Alicia (don't know her last name). She`s actually in the first picture as well.
    To even think, that either women looks like Rob...well, sorry, but that is just ridiculous. I understand that especially Allanah looks rather manly, but after years of being Rob's fans, everyone should be able to see that this is not him!

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