Do You Think Airlines Should Offer Free XL Seats to Larger Flyers?


  • Patricia Fishtein - 11 years ago

    I feel that it should be a matter of percentage of the plane that is taken up in a seat. If the seat is bigger, the seat should cost more! It is like premium seats with more leg room. Don't they cost more? Dollars and cents.

  • Karen Thomas - 11 years ago

    No! No No! Handicap yes! Over weight no! I'm overweight myself and I see this as my problem! Not the airlines! I chose to stuff my face and not get active! I am making changes to fit in that airline seat! So when I do go on a plane I can also run around on the beach, sail the zip lines, keep up with my family. Go on rides. Fit regular size clothes. No! Don't do it! Handicap yes!

  • Cerise Day - 11 years ago

    I think all airlines should make the seat larger to accommodate small and obese passengers,for more comfort when flying. Especially the larger planes. On smaller planes, then provide the XL seats in a designated area on the plane.

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