Harang or Bonderman?

  • Montana Mariner - 9 years ago

    Trade them both, neither is a long term asset to Seattle. Some contender will need one or both, hopefully!

  • Doug Morgan - 9 years ago

    Bonderman's the keeper. I think he has more upside than Harang given where he started from, and he's been nearly lights out his past 4 starts. I don't off hand know how old Harang is, but Bonderman is 30, so if he keeps up his performance, he's got a number of productive years left.

  • Stephen Robinson - 9 years ago

    Keep Bonderman!!! How could anyone choose Harang over him? Harang is garbage!! Hoping Ramirez is called up for Sat night. Not excited to drive from Seattle to watch Harang pitch BP...

  • wes - 9 years ago

    The real question should be which one of these pitchers should have called it a career three years ago?

  • Gary - 9 years ago

    I don't care if Bonderman's peripherals are suspect, Aaron Harang is garbage. Worst full time starter after Joe Blanton.

  • Josh - 9 years ago

    Sweet, I can post here but I can't at USSM! Still waiting on moderation for 5 months lol

  • Josh - 9 years ago

    Please, Bonderman is getting lucky right now

  • Ryan - 9 years ago

    Voted Harang, but the correct answer is SSS!!!. Not much value in predicting anything based on Bonderman's innings total. Or Harang's really, but especially Bonderman's.

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