Is Lebron James Better Than MJ Right Now?

  • HC - 9 years ago

    I love this poll, if for no other reason than Jordan stans are some of the most fun people to troll. Only Nas stans are more predictable.

  • justin p - 9 years ago

    too elaborate, yes Lebro is also better than Kobe #inspiregreater but i like Kobe more than either of these niggas! #heyMamba

  • Dunedragon - 9 years ago

    What kinda BS options are those Rod? At risk of sounding like a Bron-hater. NO! The fact is that even Jordan wasnt as great as Jordan when he won his second Championship. Im tired of the discussion. But if I was asked from what they have achieved so far (and not a Bo-Jackson-esque look at what they could achieve) as well as their proficiency on the court, LeBron is not in my top 3.

  • Tony - 9 years ago

    I don't try to compare the two to totally honest. When people bring up the point that the league was different back in the 90's, I say being an athlete is different in the age of social media. Then I ask how would MJ have handled everyone knowing about his gambling because TMZ and social media was over his shoulder everyday? LeBron is handling the social pressure better than most could ever imagine. So greatest ever.

  • Justin P - 9 years ago

    It's all even right now but I luv how the choices r "yes" and "hella yes" lol! But yea, Jordan was the best up to that point! But Kobe's better than Jordan, Lebron's better than Jordan, this is wut u want: for the greats to inspire greater!!

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