Do you agree with Paula Deen that racism isn't as bad in the south?


  • HC - 11 years ago

    I've experienced racism in upstate New York when I lived there for a year. But I grew up in the south and there are still places around my hometown where we know not to go, light or dark, especially the mountain where the guy who shot Medgar Evers lived before he finally got arrested. So eat a buttery black dick, Paula.

  • Malcolm L. - 11 years ago

    I am a black dude, originally from Mississippi but have lived in Chicago all of my adult life. I have experienced most racism here in Chicago. From the city cops profiling, to racial segregation related to living environments, there is indeed obvious racism here. However, I am still remember certain things my dad taught me in relation to southern neighborhoods that he wouldn't go in because of racism. I would be hard-pressed to ever move back because of some of the people in power display discriminatory behavior: Whether against minorities, women, or gay, some southern politicians make it blatantly obvious that they don't care for "your kind" around them. I haven't experienced a "perfect place" but people like Paula Deen can kiss my Converse.

  • justin p - 11 years ago

    i have A LOT of family down south. most in greensboro NC. if u just want ur racism upfront n shit and that equals "less racist" to u fine. its refreshing i'll admit. its a nice change from the subtle racism in western ny. the difference being up here its much more scarce. down south its all over. i go by my own theory ive dubbed RBV (racists by volume). according to this theory the south is over-saturated with racism and therefore more racist than the north. as for paula specifically im not mad shes racist. OF COURSE SHES RACIST! too the general public.too her thats jus how she grew up talkin! n shes old! she got that Danny Glover doctrine. ha. im mad she brought this shit to work. thats all. but that happens down south where its so open n often encouraged, n this is not me lookin down on the south or nothin just observations ive made combined with fams firsthand stories

  • O4Soldier - 11 years ago

    Im soo glad she got fired.. I even went as far as contacting the Food Network personally to send them an email showing my distaste for her.. It really exposes all the closeted racists on the internet and facebook who harbor that prejudice deep within themselves.. And I love it.. Ahhh, thats good racism..

  • Nicju - 11 years ago

    Whenever I tell someone that i'm moving to the south they give me the Steve Harvey eyes. Usually the person is white, and I can tell they mean to imply "it's racist down there." That may be true, but at least, in the South you know where you stand with people. I've had to delete a few people on Facebook this week because of their defense of Paula Deen and racism on the whole. I don't care what Paula said, i'm more hurt that people I know and communicate with on the regular think it's ok and have even gone as far as telling me to calm down and stop being so sensitive. Some of these same people have publically assassinated people for making homophobic statements. Dear gay people, if she calls us niggers, chances are she doesn't like y'all either.

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