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  • mcherdering - 11 years ago

    Been shooting with Pentax for over 30 years. Just got a D800 though. Still use the K-5, K10D, *istD, 67II, K-01 and Q. Voted Pentax.

  • PR - 11 years ago

    I shoot Sigma, but it never seem to be include in polls or otherwise :-(

  • Silver Surfer - 11 years ago

    If you are a pro, you buy Canon or Nikon for the broadest range of lenses, FF, and pro support.

    If you are an enthusiast, you buy Pentax for the in-body shake reduction, motors in all bodies, dual dials, TAv, better build quality, ergonomics, weather-resistance and pentaPRISM 100% viewfinder.

    If you are a general consumer, you buy what the salesman or Ashton recommends, as you are unaware of the benefits of Pentax.

  • Yan - 11 years ago

    Pentax - photography with a twist ;-)

  • Larry Navarro - 11 years ago

    The Pentax features I appreciate include ergonomics, vintage lens compatibility, weather resistance, compact size and image quality.

  • JAY FRAZIER - 11 years ago

    Been shooting Pentax for so long I can't remember. My 1st digi was the k100d still works like a charm. Now have the k7 bought used but it was like new to many lenses to count. Just got my little sister a good k100d from keh camera super clean. Thank You

  • Dean Bradshaw - 11 years ago

    Love my Pentax!
    Though fairly new to photography I can't imagine ever changing brands. Every system has it pros and cons. The construction quality, weather sealing, image quality and compatibility with fantastic legacy glass makes Pentax a winner for me.

  • Pär Sundberg - 11 years ago

    My Pentax cameras: 2 K-5, 2 MX, 1 ME, 1KM, 1 Spotmatic. The best gear I can get for my money! Lenses: FA Ltds, DA Ltds and DA*. They rock!

  • Ronald Beckett - 11 years ago

    Gahh! Don't you hate it when the iPad thinks it knows better and substitutes another word?! I meant, of course, "admirably", not "admirally" :D

  • Carl Wells - 11 years ago

    I have always been a well educated buyer and have a tendency to buy not just on what is the best selling.
    So it was the Pentax K7 my first DSLR camera with is fantastic value for money, ergonomics, feel, photographic features, array of lenses and community that led me to this brand.
    Too bad too many photography stores do not stock or have proper knowledge of this product because as soon as you hold one you know it means business.

  • Tex - 11 years ago

    I'm on my 5th Pentax camera in many years, it is a landscape photographer's dream. Really pleased with this brand.

  • JAW - 11 years ago

    Started with a Pentax.
    Will end with a Pentax.

  • Patrick Wells - 11 years ago

    I've been shooting with Pentax since 1977. A K-1000. That camera is still in my inventory and still used on occasion. It has to share it's time out with a P30t ,ZX-7 , *istDL and the newest member K-30. and an assortment of lenses. Anyone of which will find itself on any of the bodies at any given time .

  • Norman Head - 11 years ago

    I first shot with a Pentax Spotmatic in 1967, and I've had Pentax gear in the house ever since. Having retired from my real job and now a semi-pro. My current cameras include 2 K-5s, a K-x, and a K-01. My lenses include an A-400 automatic exposure but manual focus to a Sigma 8-16 and lots of others in-between. That covers a lot of focal length.

  • Ron Beckett - 11 years ago

    Been shooting with Pentax for 45+ years - and my first lenses from then (and all my subsequent lenses) work admirally with my Pentax DSLRs

  • Alberto - 11 years ago

    Fuji X. Booooo.

  • Benoit Robillard - 11 years ago

    PENTAX System : Best well kept secret as far as I'm concerned.

  • Willem de leeuw - 11 years ago

    And Sony for aerial photography.

  • Willem de leeuw - 11 years ago

    And Sony for aerial photography.

  • Davorin Palijan - 11 years ago

    That's better :)

  • Davorin Palijan - 11 years ago

    How come no Pentax?
    For crying out loud, those guys invented SLR as we know it...and for years they keep pushing Canon and Nikon forward by constantly giving more for less than Big Two...and most important off all - they keep kind of honest approach to their customers (that's just my opinion, of course...)
    (no affiliation whatsoever etc, etc)

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